BLOCKBUSTER: 'Tarnished Transcript' Written By SOMEONE Listening In On Trump's Private C

WASHINGTON D.C. Sources inside the White House confirmed today that what insiders are calling the "Tarnished Transcript" was written by a person who was listening in on President Trump's call from the White House private residence. The Transcript, which showed the president linking personal favors to foreign-aid has been called into question by numerous sources including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who charged that Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes had "added words" to the report.

Our source told RealTrueNews: "This 'listener' wrote the transcript--we don't know if they were an Obama Loyalist or a NeverTrumper--but the fact remains that the document that was produced was created by someone technologically intercepting the call and taking handwritten notes concerning its contents. It's not a recording. It's not a complete transcript. Who knows what they added or left out?"

Indeed, the President himself has spoken directly against the published transcript saying his call with the foreign leader was "Perfect."

:"When forces inside our own government can listen in to a call the President makes to a foreign leader? That's pretty much the definition of the Deep State," our source said. "When that document is accepted by the media uncritically? When it is used in issuing subpoenas? In targeting Trump-appointed government officials? That's--that's hear-say. You can't get a traffic ticket conviction on that!"

This seems to be the case. Questions that remain: Who was the person who leaked the Tarnished Transcript? Who did he work for? Where do his real loyalties lie? Without knowing these things, how can the American people assess the credibility of this so-called Transcript for themselves?

UPDATE: With this fast-moving story there are numerous late-breaking pieces. We have since learned that the phone call from the President to the leader of Ukraine was intended to have several members of White House staff listening, even if it did come from the residence rather than the Oval Office.

UPDATE: Eagle-Eyed readers have pointed out that the White House itself "leaked" the so-called Tarnished Transcript and that it is intended by The White House to somehow be a credible document that is reasonably true to the nature of the phone call.

UPDATE: We have learned that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy apparently had not read--or did not understand the Tarnished Transcript when he accused 60 Minutes of adding words. Those words appeared in the original transcript, Tarnished, or not.

UPDATE: It appears that the composition of the Tarnished Transcript was done by people who POTUS knew was on the call and expected to create a written record.

UPDATE: We have fact-checked the story and feel we should note that our Insider works in the Pentagon Cafeteria Food Services division, specifically at the loading docks.

We will continue to follow this story as more revelations come to light!