WASHINGTON D.C. The photograph is in inky black-out mode--but we can see here in a photo from the preliminary testimony before Congress that the Whistleblower, code-named 'Lodestar' is a man--perhaps in his late 50's or early 60's, who seems to have light colored hair and a stiff, straight-backed stature.

The man apparently someone close to Trump's inner-circle is revealed to have authorized a CIA wiretap on the Presidential Residence phone. "We had to know what he was saying," Lodestar told the group of Democrats who were questioning him. "I'd heard he was going to bring Nikki Haley into his campaign in some heavy capacity and I knew that if he was doing that, well, it meant the worst."

Apparently the "worst" was attempting to cut deals with foreign leaders to have them manufacture dirt on his political enemies at home. "He went after Mueller with the Austrians. He went after Biden with Ukraine, and he told MBS he could do 'whatever he wants' to Khashoggi so long as MBS understands there's an 'owsies' for one or more American journalists to be named later."

A smug Nancy Pelosi apparently asked who else was on the President's "list."

"He was going to trade Crimea for some kind of . . . some kind of video tape," Lodestar said. "Those conversations are probably in the notes he confiscated. He offered to sell Kim some nuclear scientists if he could set up a line of Trump Hotels up and down the coasts. Oh, and I think he confused Canada with Denmark because he thought if he got his hands on Greenland and put missiles there, it would frighten the Canadian Prime Minister from looking at Melania 'like that,' Or something. I never understood that to be honest."

According to our source, Lodestar is personally terrified that Donald Trump will out-him and is trying to distance himself from the president--but can only go "so far." The good news apparently is that he has his own Secret Service detail assigned to him--but, apparently, they use some female agents and he is not allowed to be alone in the room with them making his security difficult to ensure.

We will keep you up-to-date on whatever further revelations appear. If you have any idea who this person is, PLEASE, get in contact with us!