Marianne Williamson Concerned Trump-Followers May Push Storm To Alabama

UNKNOWN LOCATION (COSMIC CENTER) Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson issued a dire warning to America concerning the combined MIND POWER of millions of devoted Donald Trump worshipers using their belief in the president to force the hurricane Dorian onto land and into Alabama where it could cause major damage.

"The Power of Positive Thinking is very well established," Marianne explained. "If all these people--True Believers--combine their Mind Power with the emotions and visualizations that their spiritual leader Donald Trump has created with his sharpie, it could have devastating consequences for the citizens of Georgia and Alabama."

She was referring to Trump's use of a sharpie marker to change a National Weather Hurricane Forecast chart to include Alabama after he erroneously tweeted out that the state might be in the storm's likely track. In the days that followed, despite meteorologists stating that Alabama was not a target for the storm track and that, even early on, there was only a 5-20% chance of part of the state experiencing tropical-storm grade winds, the president continued to insist that Alabama was, had been, and perhaps could still be in danger.

"The kind of faith that the Trump-believers have in this man is very powerful," Marianne said. "Channeled for good, it could bring back the racial segregation, the hiding of homosexuality, and the reduction in interracial marriage his flock yearns for--however, when used to try to cover up for a bad tweet, it can use that emotional energy to change planetary weather patterns and drive the storm, intensifying it, into populated areas."

She said she had tried to get the president to stop tweeting about the storm--but disregarding her warnings the White House issued a press release from Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown attempting to take some of the blame for the miss-tweet, further fueling the belief by Trumparians that the storm had, could, or perhaps even still might impact the state.

"Trump seems unwilling or perhaps unable to let this go," Williamson intoned from a location she described as a secure, cosmically serene location, "I am calling on the millions of Americans on Twitter to stop addressing him about this. As it is clearly a sore spot and his focused concentration on this could be extremely dangerous."

It remains unclear if either Twitter or the President will be able to change their ways.