Professor Explains The Conspiracy Against Bernie Sanders

Sanders supporters have noted what appears to be a conspiracy in the media and perhaps the DNC against Sanders--an attempt, one that they say echoes 2016, to stop Sanders from being the nomination despite his unarguable popularity with voters in general. We caught up with Professor of Political Science David Milton of Indiana State University.

RealTrueNews: "Hello Professor, we understand that you have carefully studied the interplay between Bernie Sanders, the DNC, the media, and the electorate--and you have a theory?"

Prof. David Milton: "That's right. The interaction between the Sanders campaign and the media has been of particular interest to me--as well as his interactions on social media."

RTN: "We understand you have create a model that explains the interactions we're seeing? We see the contention--perhaps with some credibility--that the press, or elements of the press, have a very negative attitude towards Sanders. Certainly the 2016 email links suggested the DNC preferred Hillary Clinton. And Sanders voters consistently feel that perhaps the 2016 primaries were somehow biased against him--for example, giving Hillary sample questions under the table. Do you cover that?"

PDM: "The model explains all of it, yes. You have to understand that in 2016 there were, initially, lawsuits between the Sanders campaign and the DNC. This created tensions right off the bat. Also, from the DNC perspective, Sanders was an insurgent: an independent running as a Democrat. It was an unusual situation--but, yes: the DNC did not like Sanders and the national media has a somewhat adversarial relationship with him--as to many social media Democrats."

RTN: "Social Media Democrats?"

PDM: "Democratic or center-left voters who interact with Sanders and his supports on Social Media. That's what my model examines."

RTN: "Let's see it?"

PDM: "You see in the center is Sanders himself--he has a core of acceptable, if somewhat far-left policy proposals which he does relentlessly advocate for."

RTN: "Right."

PDM: "However, Sanders surrounds himself with an emotional and behavioral shell of unlikability. He allows his supporters to believe the nomination was stolen from him, he stays in a race he numerically cannot win far to long for party unity, and he presents his followers with a sense he is fighting the power even though in a lot of ways he is the power."

"What this shell of unlikability does is provide 'hooks' for what I describe scientifically speaking as Extreme Assholes to bond with him the way atoms bond with each other to create elements. You can see several supporters called out with their diameters aligned to their Asshole-Index, a measure of just how unpleasant and annoying they are."

"The radai are logarithmic. While Matt Taibbi is something of a leftist Asshole, David Sirota is essentially a Jovian-sized asshole to those he interacts with."

RTN: ". . . Jovian . . . sized?"

PDM: "Well, yes. See, Sirota's career began with a rat-fucking--that's a technical term as well--website designed to inflame racial tensions against his team's opponent. That sort of thing. GamerGate is or was full of Solar-Sized assholes--but the Sanders support was only partial. Many moved to the atl-right because it was more overly misogynistic."

RTN: "This is . . . scientific?"

PDM: "Of course. For example, for the bros, we find that while 51% of Sanders supporters voted for Clinton, between 7 and 10% voted for Trump and twenty three percent voted 3rd party. Nineteen didn't vote at all. You can see this is a complete asshole-move which is one of the things responsible for Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election."

RTN: "That's pretty bad--but I don't--"

PDM: "A poll by Emmerson taken this year found that 21 percent of current Sanders supporters would vote for Trump over Buttigieg, Warren, or Harris. Given the difference in policy between Sanders/Warren and Trump, the only possible explanation is that Sanders' supporters are stuffed with ginormous assholes and that is hurting his polling against someone like Warren who is about as far left but does not accrue the same degree of assholishness around her."

RTN: "This is science?"

PDM: "Totally."