EMMERSON, KY Nathan Bustrost has been silenced--silenced by a violent hate group that operates with the explicit permission and even encouragement of the Democratic party and their Big Tech / Media allies. RealTrueNews spoke with him via Skype from his suburban home in Kentucky.

"They have made it so that I can't speak out without risking my family, my job, and even my life or safety," Bustrost said. "The antifa and the left operates with impunity. They are immune to justice or the courts and they are a masked white-hate group that is trying--successfully, I might add--to divide and then destroy America. All the Democrats are--they all support antifa's violence--except Tulsi and they kicked her out of the debates for it."

Asked to elaborate on what he was seeing, Bustrost explained: "The left is preaching White Hate--that it is not just acceptable--but mandatory to hate so-called non-ally politically incorrect whites. You see, first they will link us to white supremacists, then they will call us Nazis, and then that makes it okay for them to attack us. You can see it happening--but you can't stop it. The Media is behind them 100%. They cover up antifa violence--did you see the videos in Portland? The news didn't show the antifa attacks--but they were all over the Internet. This is being done to send an unmistakable message." [ The Portland videos he referred to showed the Proud Boys initiating the violence, but even when shown the videos he believed they were doctored -- ed.]

"White people can't expect any protection unless they Vote-Woke," Bustrost, explained. "It's plain as day--just turn on cable news anywhere and you'll see it. What they can't handle is facts--facts and data. They will come after you for stating the truth about race--about religion--about America. They want a manufactured reality where the races are equal--where religions are equal--or the Islam is better than us. They hate America. They hate White people who think wrong. They're just consumed with hate. Hate. Hate. Hate."

When asked what speech antifa had come after him for, Bustrost was reluctant to be explicit.

"I can't--I mean, they would come to my house. They would target me at my job. They would smear me as a Nazi on line. Do you have any idea what that could cost me?" However after a few moments of reflection, he directed us to his Facebook page which was publicly accessible and had over 800 followers. "You can see the things there that they will get you for. This is the kind of American Speech they are silencing. I just know they will come for me. I'm armed, of course--I've got my 2A rights for as long as I can--but I know they will call me a Nazi and they will come for me."

"I'm ready," he said. "I'm kind of looking forward to it, even: they can't silence all of us!"

This is what we found: [ We think we can see why people might refer to him as a Nazi. -- ed. ]