Q Furious As Comey Escapes Yet Again

WASHINGTON D.C. The pseudo-anonymous insider at the Department of Energy known as "Q" was alternately disappointed and furious today as the Department of Justice's Inspector General report refused to find an indictment in the Comey release of classified documents.

"My God, what is it going to take??" Q told us on his encrypted line. "I was so disappointed. I feel like someone just teased me with the promise of justice and now . . . nothing." Q complained that the appointment of White Hat Bob Barr as the Attorney General should have ensured that Comey was indicted. "I know he takes his marching orders from POTUS," Q said. "I know what POTU'S orders were too. I don't know if the Inspector General has gone rogue . . . or if something else in in play here?"

Q said that the release of FISA related documents would show that Comey illegally signed FISA requests to allow the Obama Administration to wiretap and otherwise spy on the Trump campaign. "I know that stuff is in there--and I know--I know that timing is everything--believe me--but we're going into the 2020 campaign cycle and if we don't drop some BOOMs soon, we're going to start losing people again."

Q said that his enemies in the government had taken steps to get him off of the 8chan message board he was using to relay key information to his allies in the civilian world. The same push had also taken down parts of VOAT and even Net Zero, the 8chan distributed message board, was too difficult for most people to use.

"They've tried to silence me," Q lamented. "The network admins block almost everything from the Pentagon, I can't even load stuff from a USB onto my government laptop. They have it ridiculously locked down." He indicated he was looking for a more stable platform to post messages on, including Craigs List and RPG.net.

"I'm looking forward to the FISA DECLAS," Q said. "It's gonna be The Storm--I mean, it has to be. If Comey slips out of this one, I don't know . . .I just don't know," Q trailed off before going to a DoE meeting concerning Category Four storm Dorian and something called 'The Nuclear Option.'