YouTube 'Silences White Voices'

HARTFORD CN, Harold Dalmos has over 4 thousand viewers on his weekly YouTube show--or he did until 24 hours ago the Google-Owned company announced it was banning him from the service.

"No warning--they just got me," Harold said. In addition to looking into law suits for suppressing his speech, Harold is also looking for a new apartment. "My stream ran out. I've got some BitCoin but I forgot my password to the wallet a while back and I haven't been able to recover it."

Harold says that his removal from the service is being done to 'Silence White Voices.' "If I were a mestizo or a negro or whatever they'd never have done this," Harold asserted. "This is targeted. It's political. I think they're scared."

What they were scared of, apparently was, according to Harold, 'The Truth.'

"The Truth is coming out--we need--White Men--alphas--need to take back our country. They know we know it--we've been awoken--the dragon is no longer sleeping! I was telling young men to get their guns--to target the low races--the mud people--the traitors. We had big successes in New Zealand and El Paso. I urged my listeners to go for the high score--to put 'points on the board.'"

When asked if encouraging violence could have led to his banning from YouTube, Harold was dismissive. "Bernie is calling for socialist purges and concentration camps. Kamala Harris has said she's going to round up 'whitey' and execute them. How is my show any different from that? Even Biden says he's going to sell some whites into slavery as 'reparations.' "

When asked where he had heard these things, he was clear: "It's all over places like VDare and Radix and it was on 8chan before they got that. This is common knowledge--you just haven't heard it because you listen to the corporate Jew-Controlled media. Trust me: these candidates are talking about genocide--literal white genocide!"

When told that 'white genocide' referred to a conspiracy theory that involves long term replacement of cultural capital, Harold was amazed.

"I didn't . . . I don't. . . Are you saying even THAT isn't true? That it's a conspiracy theory?'"

After a few hours of research, however, he declared that this interviewer was part of the ZOG and that we were using a 'stingray device' to interdict his phone web-searches to give him 'disinfo.' He assured us the Race War was coming and that he would be on the Right White Side of it.