IDW Man Appalled To Learn He May Have Been 'Pilled'

Cameron Bartholomew (legal name Michael Baker, in process of being changed, according to Michael) has long considered himself an intellectual heterodox thinker.

"I read Quillette. I listen to Sam Harris. Shapiro. I know my stuff," Bartholomew told RealTrueNews. Cameron, who describes himself as a 'scientific classical liberal' believes that some of the most important and intelligent voices in science and sociology are intentionally shut out of discourse by the forces of Political Correctness. "I have to go to podcasts and controversial websites," he said--"in order to get real information. No one who values their job is willing to cross the forces of PC and SJWs [Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors]. You'll lose your job. You'll get deplatformed. We've seen this happen over and over. The trad-media covers for them relentlessly."

Bartholomew confessed that he had been highly disturbed to see a video of Quillette reporter Andy Ngo collaborating with Proud Boys at a recent demonstration.

"I had it that he was just a reporter--one of the silenced and abused ones--and that he was, you know, just observing these guys. The Proud Boys? Well, their leader is a Hispanic--so I thought there was no way they were racist--that was made up by the SJWs--by antifa--"

The video he watched, released by an 'undercover' center-left anti-fascist who infiltrated the Proud Boys and streamed their coordination of violence for an assault on the Cider Riot pub, showed Andy Ngo smiling and listening as the plans were explicitly made--and then presented an entirely different story on his twitter timeline.

"It was clear that the Proud Boys were basically the aggressors--alt-right? I guess. Racist? Maybe. Definitely not the victims . . . and Andy was . . . going along with it."

Cameron has long defended the Intellectual Dark Web--a loose coalition of contrarian thinkers who command large audiences on podcasts and YouTube despite complaining about their silencing by the forces of social justice.

"I mean, people would say they were alt-right and I'd point out that they're mostly lefties--like me--but then folks would go 'look, they're all into that racial IQ stuff--that's the Nazi's thing isn't it?' and, I mean, yeah. I guess it kinda was. But I could dismiss it until . . . until this."

Bartholomew said that after watching the plain video showing that he'd been wrong about the Proud Boys, wrong about Andy Ngo and Quillette, and possibly wrong about antifa, he begin to realize he'd been "pilled."

"I think they got me--I was like, you know, okay with gays getting married but I really hated the PC stuff. What if turns out the PC guys were right and these were a bunch of guys slipping me Nazi propaganda about race and society and I just ate it up because they all seemed so . . . smart?"

Cameron seemed to be on the edge of a realization when his mother ended the interview demanding he clean his room "Like that Jordan Peterson said to."