College Educated Man Terrified Of His Culture Being Replaced

ASTALAN KY Curtis Lemond is terrified of his culture coming under attack by the forces of immigration, mixed marriages, and "his people's" declining birth-rate. He spoke to RealTrueNews, willing to use his own name, to try and explain the panic that he believes most Americans like him feel.

"They're coming for our country--they're coming for our culture--they're coming for, well, it sounds archaic--but for our women," Lemond said. "To them a white woman is like a trophy--a trophy wife--I'm not being mean here, this is just science--sociology. If you're educated you understand this stuff."

Curtis believes it is 'common knowledge' that white people are genetically smarter, less violent, and less criminally inclined than the "southern races" (meaning south of the Mediterranean) and that people won't talk about this 'basic truth' because of political correctness, Internet-Mob backlash, and "woke corporatism" which tries to make money by pandering to minorities and liberal consumers.

Although he is put off by Trump's style, he says that the president has his vote because of the raw numbers concerning white-demographics.

"If a person checks the WHITE box on the census form," Lemond said, "they're like me. They like Grand Theft Auto Games. They like anime girls. They want a Trad-Wife--one who'll do anal even if she doesn't really want to."

"People who check any other box? They're probably stealing the radio out of my car. This is pretty much proven to all people who study sociology--it's just secret because of PEE-CEE."

Lemond credits 'PEE-CEE' with being a weapon wielded against whites by The Left who are mostly controlled by whites (he says there is a great deal of debate about how certain other ethnicities fit into this) but that it is intended to be used as a lever against people like him to allow people not-like-him to take away his job, his money, and potential women might meet (or, at least, their virginity).

"It's not coincidence that they got 8chan the same time I lost my job for telling my supervisor that she wasn't emotionally suited to lead alphas several days out of each month. They're gearing up for a big putsch. You can see it in the social media banning--you can see it in the Mainstream Media's imaginary narratives. You can tell they're getting ready for an 'Exterminatus' because they are ramping up all these false-flag shootings that are supposed to make it look like Trump's responsible for them."

When asked what he meant by that, he explained: "The immigrants are replacing people like me--it's happening more than any time in history. We're going to be extinct-ed [sic] by them--it's just a matter of time and numbers. In 20 years, Texas will be black--I mean blue--and they'll have the country by the throat in an iron grip. You know what they'll do then? To people like ME? Death Camps."

"So they have President Trump--who is just telling the truth about this--that it's an invasion--that Mexico is sending--sending--their criminals--their rapists--over--that's not just "demographics"--that's replacement--that's an invading force."

"Then they get someone--some patsy--they make up a manifesto that says all of this using Trump's words--but then they have him go and gun down some of the Hispanics--and people are supposed to believe that Trump explaining what every demographer is saying--just in plainer language--somehow incited this? We're expected to believe it?"

"What are you going to believe next? That 9/11 was done by a bunch of rag-head hijackers? That Obama was a Christian? Born in America? That men walked on the moon? Are you going to believe that this little guy in Germany killed of several million of the Rothschilds'? The wealthiest family on the planet?"

"If they can convince you that someone, facing the invasion of America--the subjugation of our women--the theft and demolition of our culture?--that someone seeing that for what it is--a WHITE PERSON LIKE ME--would behave violently? Well, then you'll believe anything."