Erick Erickson: 'What If Trump REALLY IS The King of the Jews'?

Erick Erickson, conservative commentator and reluctant Trump supporter has, according to sources close to him, suffered a crisis of faith. According to those knowledgeable with Erickson's thinking say that he had "a great deal of trouble" consigning foreign children to suffering because they were in the way of the administration--but that once he got over that, fixating on presidential hopeful Pete Buttiteig's homosexuality and Episcopalianism, he was able to justify any excess that the president could produce.

His conversion to mainstream Republicanism nearly complete, he was no longer estranged to the establishment and base community. When president Trump recently began using language suggesting a literal mandate from God--retweeting someone likening him literally to the "King of the Jews" and claiming he is the "Chosen One" to lead the administration against China, Erickson had a second "crisis of faith."

"He was down with the cruelty," said the source. "he'd 180'd on that--but when Trump started hinting he might be--uh--you know--Erick went bananas. He started looking at the reach of Twitter and said stuff like 'You know the whole world kinda hears it when he says something . . . that's in the book."

According to sources Erickson, having suffered financial setbacks from his flirtation with integrity, also began seriously examining Scientology, a controversial religion that has been likened to a cult. "It's almost all there," an excited Erickson told his confidant. "I mean, the opportunity is huge. Those morons raised almost a million dollars online for a non-existent wall."

Indeed, Erickson, according to family members, has espoused the belief that Trump Supporters, under fire for their president's racial and religious statements, feel a strong urge to "virtue signal" by donating to any source that claims to support the president.

"He's worried about jettisoning his soul," said the source, "but I think he also knows that actually happened a while back. Now he's just trying to monetize the hole where it used to be."