Experts: 'Trump Probably Going To Print More Money To Try To Head Off Recession'

"He's probably going to do it and nobody's going to stop him." That was the word we got from an insider in the Trump administration who has been closely following the president's decisions on the possibility of an upcoming financial downturn.

"He knows if the economy goes to shit, his election goes to shit. If his election goes to shit, then he can get indicted and goes to jail. Nothing terrifies him more. He doesn't understand this stuff so he doesn't understand why printing money won't work. He thinks we've done it before and 'didn't have inflation.' So he doesn't see why he can't do it now and just send everyone a thousand dollars a month until the election."

Financial experts and economist warned that "printing more dough" would, in fact, spark inflation, immediate devaluation of the dollar across all currency markets, and likely trigger the decision to stop using the USD as the petroleum market reserve currency. The results of sending 'every voting age American one thousand dollars a month until the election' would be nothing short of disastrous.

"He doesn't believe anyone but Kudlow," our insider said, speaking of the former Fox News economic personality. "And Kudlow is either drunk all the time or just saying whatever comes into his head. It's crazy--but I've reached out to McConnell and McConnell says until the base goes, Congress can't move. It's like nobody is driving the train."

The saving grace, however, may be that Trump does not really believe an economic recession could happen. He is, according to reports, fixated on the idea of buying Greenland because he does not understand the Mercator Projection used for most flat-maps which exaggerates the size of landmass near the poles.

"He thinks it's the size of South America, that it's cheap, and that global warming will turn it into a great golfing-style environment. He might be right about that last one. He also thinks he can get it cheap 'because Brexit'--although he hasn't explained what that means and nobody knows."

Experts say that the purchase of Greenland would have little strategic significance although it might be worth the estimated cost if doing so distracts the president from making decisions about "whether or not to send the newly printed money to cities? Or just to his voters."