Trump Supporter Gives Up On Portland In Disgust

TAMPA BAY, FL- Trump supporter Linda Morning finally gave up on an Antifa Violence Attack in Portland Oregon on 5:00 PM Saturday afternoon. She had watched eagerly, following various Twitter accounts and Fox News hoping that this time antifa would commit some serious violence, perhaps even murder, that would help "even the score" with various Trump-Friendly white nationalist organizations that had been indicted for violence.

"It was embarrassing," Morning said, "I felt sure that the Proud Boy's rally would bring out those violent monsters. It did--they all came out--but there wasn't any violence. They just made fun of those patriots."

By those "patriots" she referred to the organization which has been consistently linked to right wing violence and were caught plotting violence for the Saturday rally.Morning said she felt let down and 'disgusted' since she has been holding on to the idea that eventually antifa's violence would "reveal who the left is for everyone."

The black clad self-described anti-fascists were out in force but they refused to be baited to violence by several "lone proud boys" or Patriot Prayer leader Joey Biggs trying to mingle with them to incite violence. After a previous engagement where an anti-antifa activist was pelted with milkshakes and punched, and was able to raise over 200k from upset right-wing donors, Morning, referencing the deadly car-ramming at Charlottesville two years ago, felt certain that "this time the murder would be on them!"

The showing, however, was dismal: appearing in far greater numbers than the Trump-supporting Proud Boys and other racists, antifa simply held up bubble-wrap barriers to block individual filmers and mocked the white nationalist groups with Tuba music.

"It's getting harder and harder to convince people it's both sides," lamented Morning. "They see guys like the El Paso shooter repeating what we hear nightly on Fox news and we can't even get an antifa person to leave a manifesto. It's like those black-clad hooligans are actually protesting far-right Republican philosophy." She shook her head. "If they don't kill someone real soon or at least maim them it's gonna look like we're the bad guys."