GOP Calls On 'The Justifier'

The RNC scrambled today to find a way to frame the Republican Philosophy about race, wages, and incest/rape. This came following a trifecta of Kinsley-Gaffes where a mass-shooter in El Paso parroted the President's lines on immigration, even down to a rally 'joke' about shooting them. In equally national news, Steve King, a Republican whose endorsement was highly coveted in the 2016 election, "came out" in favor of incest and rape due to trying to defend abortion restrictions. Finally, right-wing intellectual giant Ben Shapiro released a tape suggesting that if two jobs did not pay enough for a person to live on, it was the person's fault for not quitting one of the jobs.

In the era of Trump, otherwise stalwart Republicans have become more and more dependent on a small handful of "thought leaders" who are mercenary enough to defend any position while being intelligent enough to provide intellectual scaffolding to try to buttress an ideology that, naked, most Americans would find repulsive.

Dan McLaughlin, known as @baseballcrank on Twitter, released an article designed to help soften the blow of the El Paso shooter's manifesto reading like a release from the Republican Platform.

"We need to explain to people that the Great Replacement Theory which drove the shooter [ the idea that white Americans are being replaced by immigrants to their detriment and loss of culture -- ed.] is not a part of the GOP dogma or platform," Dan told RealTrueNews.

"It's just that we know that our voters have a fear that since native-born Americans are having fewer children they rightfully believe that new entrants into American society will replace the existing culture rather than assimilate into it."

When it was pointed out that the native-born Hispanic population was growing by leaps and bounds, Dan clarified. "When I said 'our voters,' I meant whites."

"You see," Dan said, "unlike the shooter's rampant paranoia about climate-change or some such leftist nonsense, the actual GOP's position is predicated on civilizational self-confidence that wanes when the native-born have fewer children. This is just a fact."

Asked about the use of the term 'native-born' again, he explained that the GOP mostly only recognizes and caters to native-born whites and that the article he was writing for the erstwhile conservative National Review was also only really targeted at whites and a few 'tokens.'

When asked if he thought people would buy this as a real distinction from the shooter's conspiratorial belief that foreign invaders would replace white people, he felt it did not matter.

"It doesn't matter if people see a difference or not. What matters is that our audience can feel secure that they are not racist or supporting a murderous ideology. If they can tell themselves that--with help from a prestigious publication--then I have done my job."

It remains to be seen how well this will work.