GOP Strategist: 'Don't Call Them Racist'

Republican strategist Matt Grummond told reporters today that Democrats had to be very careful in referring to Trump-Supporters as racists. "This really appeals to the Democrat party's base," Grummond said, "but Trumper-voters feel it is unfair and offensive. If you are trying to win them over, you can't go calling them racist."

Grummond noted that conservative luminary Ben Shapiro had pointed out that calling standard GOP talking points (such as calling Illegal Aliens 'Invaders,' or calling white nationalist terrorism a hoax) white supremacists was essentially calling the entire Republican party racists. Grummond amplified: "The party doesn't think they're racist. I don't think they're racist--so when you just go and call them racist, well, of course they won't vote for you."

When asked about the advertisers leaving Tucker Carlson because he has repeated white supremacist lines such as calling illegal aliens invaders and calling white supremacist violence a hoax, Grummond pointed out that while 'woke' advertisers might be leaving, tons of loyal Trump voters were still turning in.

"If those talking points make someone racist then you would need to conclude that the party itself is racist. Tucker Carlson isn't saying anything that the rest of the GOP isn't saying," Grummond pointed out. "You understand how that line of questioning is really offensive?"

RealTrueNews checked with Storm Front, the largest online white supremacist web site to see if they had an opinion. While they did not reply to our requests for comment, we did uncover this:


It will remain to be seen if Grummond's take is accurate.