MyPillow Creator Considers New Product To Fill Advertiser Void On Tucker Carlson

Mike Lindell, the CEO (and creator) of MyPillow, a frequent guest on Fox News, is considering launching a new product--an "Irreplaceable Pillow" following an advertiser decline on Tucker Carlson due to his contention that White Supremacy is "a hoax."

"The listeners know that they want to replace us," Lindell said "They're not going to stand for it and it's high time they had a pillow that stood with them!" While he was cadigly unclear about what he meant by that, he was willing to show his test-design.

The test-product showed a caricature of a Jewish man with a red-bar through it on one of his regular pillows.

"This pillow pushes back," Mr. Lindell explained. "It won't stand for the replacement of the head that rests on it--and neither will Mr. Carlson's viewers. If this pillow faces an invasion of other pillows? It will take up arms to keep its place at the head of the bed!" He smiled as though making a joke.

Mr. Lindell said preliminary feedback had been excellent.

"The test-consumers wanted to take it home with them. Some wanted pillow cases to fly as flags! There were complaints that the surface might somehow be 'dirty' though--we had to remove a 'mestizo-version' because none of our test subjects would put their heads on it."

Still, he felt that the opportunity was there--and clearly valuable.

"The Fox audience has shown year after year that they are willing to pay money for products that advance their emotional interests," Lindell said. "Whether that is smashing a perfectly good coffee maker because of a perceived slight against a Fox News program or buying so-called brain-enhancement supplements because they think the brander will make liberals unhappy, it is clear that in this demographic a viewer and their money are soon to be parted!"

"I think an Irreplaceable Pillow is a can't lose. If Tucker can just scare off a few more advertisers, I think I could have his whole show to myself!"