Insider Leak: Epstein KILLED SELF

An insider who requested anonymity has given a bombshell exclusive to RealTrueNews: Jeffery Epstein, facing a likely conviction for pedophilia took his own life in jail.

"It wasn't the Clintons or the Trumps," the insider relayed to us. "Certainly--well, certainly we were expecting that. There was a person standing by the phone in case a call came from the DoJ--untraceable, of course-but Barr thought POTUS was exposed, he has command-codes he could give."

The Clinton Machine, also, was expected to make an appearance.

"The guys figured that Bill was up to his eyeballs in it--I mean, just knowing him," our source said. "And any time Hillary gets her dander up people get dead. We had some extra perimeter security, some additional motion detectors, and a food-taster in case she decided to go the wetworks option. Not that we though we could stop her--but, you know, we had to try."

The insider also noted that there were numerous other individuals of wealth and power who might have hired shadowy hit-man / assassin agencies noted for performing executions in extremely high security environments. "There are people--I wouldn't use any of their names--but they're like legends. We had spotters looking for anyone over-dressed in a bespoke business suit or exhibiting the kind of ambidextrous two-gun reflexes some of these guys employ. The outer shell of the center has been reinforced against rockets or cyclic weapons--but you know, if it was one of these dudes, there'd be a power-black out, a distraction--then the second generator goes down--and then there's a trail of bodies all through the complex. We've seen that before."

Despite trying to prepare for these scenarios, none of them, according to our source, came to pass.

"He got off of SW because he had some really good lawyers and no one wanted to spend all weekend in court getting their assess chewed off by his shark-patrol--and then? Well, he was by himself--and he did it. Fucker hung himself."

Our source noted that the detention complex betting pool lost "a lot of money for everyone." Especially since no guards were killed in what would have been an action-packed siege and swarm scenario. "The whole dead-pool for the guards? That went to the bookie. I had over three hundred dollars on the Ivanka-Surprise-Inspection scenario. I mean, I was sure. A lot of the guys were. Mostly on Hillary . . . but you don't want to say her name too often . . . if you know what I mean."

The investigation is, our insider confirmed, going to be a botched job with numerous redactions and a conclusion with "holes you could drive a truck through."

"That's how they always do it," he informed us. "Same with 9/11. I was party to that one too--we housed some of the key witnesses. Turns out? It wasn't the Israelis after all." He spoke softly "I didn't tell you this--but it looks like the whole thing was an outside job by some terrorists out of Afghanistan." He shook his head. "The stuff that really goes down? You'd never believe it."