Trump Supporter's Day Unexpectedly Brightened

A decision by the EPA to allow 'Cyanide Bombs' to kill wildlife unexpectedly brightened Ian McConnor's day. Ian, a strong supporter of the Trump Administration was gratified and a bit surprised to discover that the decision, reported by CBS News, to allow M44 toxin bombs as part of a formerly banned repotior of ways to reduce animal populations gave him a surge of happiness and validation.

"They talked about how the conservation people--who, I'm sure, are all liberals, were upset about the cruelty of the devices--and how they could accidentally kill dogs or even children. I don't know--seeing them upset about the decision? It made me happy."

Ian told RealTrueNews that Trump's decisions always worked out for the best "in the end" and that we would see that with Iran and North Korea the same way we see it 'right now' with Mexico and US-China Trade.

"The thought of one of those things [wolves or coyotes] dying--unable to breathe--unaware of what is happening to it? That seemed like a pretty good image to me. I mean, farmers don't like them and no one has done more for farmers than Donald Trump. I'm guessing the Obama Administration disallowed these devices in order to make life harder--and to make ranching or farming less economically viable. Trust me: We'll see how this decision really super-charges the American economy,"

He also admitted that the idea that some people were angry about the purported cruelty to animals "tickled" him. "Liberals need more reality in their lives. You break the law? You lose your kids. That's how it's always been, right? Animals? I understand God put them here for us--not for them. If The Left is upset about poisoned wolves? They should just take them into their homes."

Ian explained that since Trump had been elected he had felt more positive about everything from foreign policy (where everyone respects us now) to the reduction of the national debt (he'll have it gone in eight years, just you watch). The decision to allow the EPA to use Cyanide Bombs was just one more decision he approved of.

"Made my day," he said.