Outed Trump Donor: 'I Just Want The Tax Cuts'

Millionaire Frank DeBoer was identified Tuesday as a Trump campaign donor who had reached the maximum individual limit. The owner of a chain or restaurants in Alabama, the "Eeney Meeney Miney Moes," he said he was worried that the negative publicity from the "doxxing" could impact his business.

"I want it known that my support for president Trump is only due to his America First economic policies both foreign and domestic. I, of course, condemn his divisive rhetoric," said DeBoer speaking to an investor's group.

DeBoer is no stranger to controversy having supported Roy Moore (because of the need for a Republican controlled Congress) and being a collector of WWII 'Axis Memorabilia.'

"The liberal press is at the throats of ordinary Americans like me," DeBoer said. "The activists who hacked the State voting computers to release my name and workplace information need to be caught and brought to justice."

When told that the donation records were publicly available and that hacking was not involved, he was surprised. "What kind of liberal nonsense is this? How can we have a free election if our donations are capable of being tracked back to us? That's the same as a camera in the voting booth!"

He also objected to numerous photographs of him wearing swastikas or German Iron crosses saying that he was entitled to wear what he wanted and that in the current administration such accessories were far from uncommon.

"My friends in the State Department," he told RealTrueNews "practically wear that stuff to work every morning. I don't see what's so objectionable about it--to real Americans, anyway?"