Q Unable To Figure Out How To Get ZeroNet Working

Anti-Deep-State Warrior Q is having difficulty figuring out how to get "ZeroNet", a distributed messaging board solution, to work following the outage of 8chan due to its continued hosting of mass-shooter manifestos.

"I installed the Python libraries on my personal computer," Q told RealTrueNews "but I think I'm having some kind of a Path problem and the DoE has BitTorrent blocked."

He also said that he was having a problem figuring out which github release was the one he needed and was unsure how his hash-code would work if server-side processing is unsupported.

"It's been a huge fucking pain in the ass. We're to save humanity from the Deep-Goddamn-State and then CloudFlare goes and pulls the motherfucking plug. The chan moderators took down that fucker's manifesto, like, immediately. Why does CloudFlare have to be such pussies. I don't understand it."

Speaking from the Employee cafeteria in the C-Level of the Pentagon, Q explained that due to freedom-of-speech-suppression by people who "don't like nazis or even nazi-adjacent people like Carlson Tucker" the vital link between the Q-Team (including President Trump himself) and the ready army of memetic warriors was severed because he couldn't get the Tor-Encrypted synch to work on his PC.

"It's not like ZeroNet has fucking customer support," Q swore bitterly. "All this FOSS--" (Free, Open Source Software --ed.) "bullshit is just so hard to get working. Have you ever tried to install a full J2EE stack on Apache? GODDAMN!"

Q is reportedly calling his cousin's son who "does geek stuff" for Best Buy to see if he can get the vital line of communication established before the next Deep State plan involving currency manipulation of the Yuan sends global markets into a tail-spin.