Trump Voter Excited To Possibly Have Two GREAT Choices in 2020

ANDERSONVILLE IA: Teresa Dawson's farm is going into foreclosure but she's more excited than ever to vote for Trump in 2020. In fact, according to her, politics have never been so positive. "I felt like maybe we were losing something as a country under Obama," she said, speaking from the porch of her ranch-style home. "Things were getting nasty--violent. I've never seen people as hate-filled as the Democrats."

What changed for her was Tulsi Gabbard.

"She doesn't have my vote," Dawson conceded, "but she's a breath of fresh air for the Democrat party. She's nice--personable--she isn't racist--and she's finally--finally--anti-war."

Dawson, who claimed her support for Trump was due to his strong anti-war stance also felt that Tulsi would "keep us out of 'those' entanglements." When asked what she meant, she was evasive. "I just think there are people--maybe specific group of people--who keep getting us into their own wars in their own part of the world--wars we don't belong in."

When Tulsi Gabbard raised enough money from independent donors to qualify for the third round, she said she nearly jumped for joy. "I actually donated," she admitted. "The Democrat party needed a shot in the arm."

"If we were to band together under a strong leader like Mr. Trump," Dawson said, "We could take on these 'Special Interests' and all the antifas and the homosexuals--the Godless, you know?" She felt that if the election were to come down to Donald Trump vs. Tulsi Gabbard America simply could not lose.

"I mean, none of those other candidates are worth a thing," Dawson said, recalling the first two sets of Democratic debates. "They have some savages up there--some communists--" she shook her head. "I sort of like that Mr. Sanders because despite everything, I think he knew he had to help out President Trump in the end there after the Democrats stole the nomination from him--but he's still a communist. No--Tulsi Gabbard is the kind of Democrat I could vote for. She believes in a strong, steady America without the puppet strings attached from you-know-who!"

Pleased with the direction of the country, she said she felt that once Mr. Trump got his wall built he would be able to go after the 'ethnic banksters' who were taking her farm and get it back for her. "I'm patient," she said. "Everything will come together--you'll see. You just have to believe and have a positive attitude!"