Antifa Violence Surges: AGAIN IN OREGON

The murderous anarchists of antifa struck again in Calabasas Oregon using a "milkshake" (which observers on InfoWars speculated might contain ingredients such as deadly prions, enriched uranium, or chunks of cement) in a terroristic attack on Free Speech.

Pelting Albert Koh with milkshake as he spoke to the press about his theory that women's smaller head dimensions made them less suitable statistically speaking to work in high technology, the former Google employee theorized that Big Technology was ignoring the overwhelming head-dimension research in favor of a toxic "diversity" that was meant to inject women into the sciences and management to please left-wing idealogues.

A black-masked insurgent flung the "milkshake" from the crowd saying "Goddamn, man, you can't really believe that shit--how much is Quillette paying your sorry ass." Police say the subject is still at large.

IN OTHER NEWS: Another mall shooting claimed 32 lives. The shooter, a man who some claim was inspired by the QAnonymous movement and self-described "Trump-Superfan" opened fire on shoppers screaming about the Deep State. Unloading over 200 rounds from drum-style magazines without needing to reload, the shooter is just another example of the mental health crisis our country continues to face after the Obama era.