Conspiracy Theorists: Rod Rosenstein Returned from White House . . . 'Different'

According to breaking news reports this morning, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein walked the five blocks from his Department of Justice to the White House, expecting to be fired. Although accounts differed, sources indicated it was the end of the line for the man who appointed Special Counsel Mueller to investigate Russia's influence on the 2016 elections--and has earned the ire of President Donald Trump.

Once there, however, the story changed abruptly. The White House claimed that the meeting was "regularly scheduled" and claimed that Mr. Rosenstein simply "stood in at a meeting" for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. However, some White House watchers are not so sure.

"When I saw him exit," said Lori Prescott, an intern in contact with Real True News, I thought it was Brett Kavanaugh coming out of the meeting room--but then I turned and saw Brett across the way where he's been prepping for the Senate hearings--and--I was like--There's two of them?? Then I realized that this other guy was wearing Rod's glasses and . . . I was like, uhmm--okay, it must be Rod. Silly me."

Maybe not so silly.

A Senior official speaking anonymously told RealTrueNews that the 'second Kavanaugh' has been 'haunting the White House for the last several days.' Reports of a very, very similar looking man appearing in places where Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could not be had been reported from time to time with an alarming increase in frequency.

"The Kav-team had something cooked up. I'm not sure what," said the official. "But then they were like 'GET ROSENSTEIN DOWN HERE' and called it 'operation Two-Birds.' Whatever that means."

This senior official said that he too had mistaken Mr. Rosenstein for Brett Kavanaugh and was only convinced he was wrong because 'Brett doesn't wear glasses. Those were definitely Rosenstein glasses.'

In other news, the Department of Justice has recently announced that Mr. Rosenstein will be releasing, over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's objections, a calendar from the time of 2016 where Mr. Trump's schedule shows numerous key dates marked off with all-day "NO COLLUSION" events--a reveal that many think will mark an anti-climatic end to the more-than-a-year long investigation.