Having Given 10MM to ICE, FEMA Launches 'GoFundMe' Ahead Of Storm

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched an emergency crowd-funding measure ahead of Hurricane Florence which could impact the east coast as early as Friday with Category 5 strength. RealTrueNews has learned that President Trump's decision to give 9.8MM dollars to ICE for the creation of new housing for illegals has left the agency in need of funding to make up the shortfall.

Director Jessica Nalepa of External Affairs for FEMA noted "Most of the coastal regions that are threatened voted heavily for Mr. Trump in the 2016 election and we're afraid that this may lead to a reluctance on the part of Democrats to bail them out. We're asking for all red-state Americans to do their part and pitch in to help fellow patriots in their time of need."

"We understand," she continued, "than many Trump voters believe that Jews control the weather and we believe that positioning this as a Jewish Plot to damage Mr. Trump will raise donations--so: 'Don't Trust the Jews!' Please donate--Storm Surge could reach 12 feet in height!"

Hurricane Florence, described by Trump himself as 'Tremendously Big and Tremendously Wet' is a product of extremely warm ocean waters. The conservative North Carolina state government notably prevented the use of climate science in predicting sea-rise because of its tendency to support the politically incorrect position that global climate change is human-driven and edging the planet's climate towards catastrophe.

The results are that the coastal areas are now ill-prepared for the extreme storm-surge that may be generated by warm-temperature fueled storms.

Trump Voter Daniel Swann, who is directly in the projected path of the storm told RealTrueNews she doesn't believe there is any danger to her or her beachfront property.

"There's no reason to worry," she told RTN via Skype. "We know Mr. Trump is looking out for us. He's got it all taken care of. Look at the great job he did with Puerto Rico and they're not even America! You know he'll be right on top of things here in the states!"

Recently Puerto Rico, an American colony, acknowledged a death toll of over 3000 lives.