Internet Optimist Puts 'Happy Face' On Donald Trump

Isaac Delany says he's started because he felt that the national discourse around president Donald Trump had been overly and unnecessarily negative.

"I think if both sides could just listen to each other," Mr. Delany explained, "we could see we have a lot in common--we're all Americans. We all want what is best for America."

His site, to be launched in November, will provide what he calls a "daily dose of optimism" which will cover the Trump administration the way he feels the media 'in general' would do it if the national environment were not so toxic.

"Right now the media coverage of Trump is 90% negative. I think we can all agree that's not fair--and it's not helping. Everyone needs to breathe deeply and just give everything a chance to settle. Once you look at this through a clear lens you see that things are really going super well! I think this will be incredibly healing for America."

We sat down with Mr. Delany, The Internet Optimist, to find out what kind of healing he was talking about.

RealTrueNews: Hello--do you prefer 'Isaac' or 'The Internet Optimist'?

Isaac Delany: Let's go with The Internet Optimist. It's sunnier!

RTN: Okay--so there are a number of these controversies. A lot of people feel that Trump is not representing the best of America. What do you say to them?

TIO: Look at the stock market! It's up! If business is booming the by definition America is great!

RTN: What if--wait--what do you mean--is the stock market the only measure of American greatness?

TIO: Can you think of a better one?

RTN: Well, a lot of people have complained about Trump's remarks on race--or battling with the media--or saying bad things about our allies around the world--

TIO: This is just Trump-Being-Trump. He's trolling people. No one should get upset about that.

RTN: If black people think Trump is a racist because of his birtherism--or the Central Park 5--or the DoJ lawsuit against his company or his remarks after Charlottesville--should they--

TIO: Diamond and Silk love Trump and they're black.

RTN: But isn't that kind of their job--I mean, do you think they're a good measure of--

TIO: Candace Owens--she's black. I love her! You can't be a racist if black people like you. You just need to get past all the left's race baiting.

RTN: Okay--uhm--what about Trump's policy to separate families explicitly to deter parents. Critics say it targets the kids--who are innocent--by intentionally hurting them. Does that sound right to you?

TIO: This is exactly the kind of media-driven negativity that I'm trying to combat! If you look at what's happening, it's clearly these kids parent's fault for bringing them and Obama did the same thing. Really, all of this anger is just fabricated. If you do some 4-count breathing--

RTN: Wait, wait--wait a minute. Obama sought to minimize family separations. Trump worked to separate every family. And if the kids are being hurt isn't that on us once we take custody of them? I mean, what do you tell people who see the kids suffering and think we shouldn't be doing--

TIO: I tell them that they need to understand that Mr. Trump wants the best for ALL Americans. That means them too. These foreign kids--some of whom are probably gang members or not even belonging to their parents--

RTN: We've got the numbers for that. It's less than one half of one percent--

TIO: It doesn't matter. They're not supposed to be here. If they suffer that's not on us.

RTN: Okay--you think that message will bring people together?

TIO: Well, they have to see it my way--but if they do? Yes! Your day gets brighter! America gets greater! It's a win-win!

RTN: What do you say to Trump's critics who think he is too soft on Russia and think there may be some truth to the Russia-Election investigation?

TIO: Mr. Trump is an expert negotiator. If he seems "overly nice to Russia" it's just because you don't understand the process of negotiation as well as Trump does. He is working to keep us safe and make us stronger. Russia wants to be an ally with us!

RTN: Putin executes journalists who upset him, Isaac.

TIO: See! Negativity! Sure he's a bad guy--but we're good guys--and if the good guys want to get along with the bad guys what's the problem there? Who says we have to fight-fight-fight. That's a dismal view of the world.

RTN: So if Russia assassinates someone with a neurotoxin or works to incite violence in the US we should just . . . accept that?

TIO: Well, yes. You don't want WWIII do you?

RTN: Election interference? Cyber-attack? That's all okay with you?

TIO: I don't think we should worry about that stuff in our day-to-day. Just trust that Mr. Trump has it under control and he's aiming us to greatness.

RTN: What if the Russians rigged the next election for Joe Biden?

TIO: I don't understand.

RTN: Would you be okay with that?

TIO: I don't understand. Why would they do that?

RTN: Maybe to . . . divide us?

TIO: They're trying to HELP us. Not DIVIDE US. They wouldn't do that. Anyway. They like Trump.

RTN: So your message to people who don't like president Trump is . . . just to like him more?

TIO: It has to happen so the healing can begin.

RTN: Thank you for your time.