Under Fire Twitter Reveals New 'Indemnified Account' Checkmark

Increasingly under fire for continuing to serve controversial accounts that arguably violate Twitter's Terms of Service, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey released a new "blue checkmark" for a new kind of account--the 'Indemnified' Account. The blue checkmark on twitter has symbolized an account deemed worthy of "verification" meaning that the Twitter staff had taken steps to make sure the account was-who-they-said-they-were.

The blue checkmark, usually given to media personalities, politicians, and celebrities to ensure that their names/faces could not be used by other people, has become a sign of status on the large social network and the "verified checkmark" is highly sought.

Today, the new INDEMNIFIED symbol represents an account-type that may violate the listed Terms of Service--but will not be permanently suspended.

Jack Dorsey, speaking to Sean Hannity--the only outlet to which he has given an interview as yet, said the following:

"We think it is in the corporate interest to have some dissenting or unpopular viewpoints in the discourse. While we don't want to encourage users to violate the Terms of Service, it would be unwise for Twitter, which has become an important place for the political conversation in America and around the world, to silence voices on the right."

When Hannity praised the bravery of the decision, Jack continued.

"It is not our fault--or place to judge--that things like Holocaust Denial, conspiracy theory about kindergarten school shootings, or the historical rituals of Joos [Jews] consuming the baby-blood of gentiles to stay young like Pay-Pal Billionaire and Facebook board member Peter Thiel, have become part of the key ideologies of the American right wing."

"So long as Republican candidates require votes from southern racists, neo-confederates, white nationalists, and 9/11 Truthers, Twitter will be a place where these people can give their beliefs a voice and the many eyes that bring Twitter advertising dollars."

When asked by a caller if this was making American politics more toxic, an unusually candid Dorsey replied:

"Toxicity is good for business. We see that everywhere from the headline choices and free-media given to President Trump to the rising popularity of hosts like Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson who are now promoting #whitegenocide talking points directly on Fox News. Twitter would be foolish not to feed at that trough and, while Americans claim they don't like it, our psychographic data shows that the more 'toxic' Twitter is, the more addictive it is to the users."

"Frankly, when it comes to so-called Toxicity, the American public can't get enough."