Trump-Voter Relieved POTUS Spoke Up To 'Save The Children'

Isaac Winthrop Jr. of Jacksonville FL felt relieved Sunday morning when he saw that President Trump had spoken out on Twitter in defense of the inner-city school children imperiled by sports hero LeBron James.

"These sports stars are so popular--so powerful," said Isaac, "that unless someone like Mr. Trump is willing to challenge them they could do untold damage to our children."

When asked what he was referring to, he named LeBron James' work with inner city schools.

"LeBron is opening a special school for at-risk kids," Mr. Winthrop explained. "It has free bikes and pantries. This is clearly a bad idea and will harm generations. I felt so . . . well, happy--I felt joy when Mr. Trump took action against it on Twitter. Our children need him to stand between them and people like LeBron James."

The action he was referring to was a tweet from August 3rd at 11:37 PM.

"You have to understand Mr. Trump like his supporters do," said Isaac. "This tweet is an action taken to upbraid LeBron for not getting behind the Betsy DeVos school system and, instead, doing his own thing. I understand that for some people who don't support our president this can be hard to see--but all the facts are there."

"It's because of the fake news media," said Isaac, "that his message gets distorted and confused."

For their part, GOP operatives in Ohio, where James is still well thought of, moved in to damage control noting that calling black people on TV 'stupid' often provoked charges of racism from observers as a long history of referring to even educated blacks as less-intelligent seemed an unfortunate trend in the president's tweeting history.