RNC 2018 Message 'OK To SAY N-WORD AGAIN'

With midterms looming and potential signs of a "blue wave" threatening Republican majorities in the House, the Republican National Committee has searched for a campaign theme that will bring out the base. Today RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel (asked by 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney to remove her middle name from official statements) unveiled the 2018 base-mobilization platform: It's Okay For White People To Say The Word 'NIGGER' Again.

"This isn't the 1960's," McDaniel said. "Today we are all Americans. We are all equal--and we all have freedom of speech. It is time for the people to break the strangle hold that the liberal media, the globalists, and the rap-industry has had on a select word that was not okay for most Americans to even utter. That word, is Nigger."

"The First Amendment is very important to the Trump-voting base," McDaniel explained to RealTrueNews. "They care about their rights. They--the people--have been aching to speak their minds for a long, long time. Under Trump, that freedom is becoming a reality!"

Polling experts and social scientists acknowledge that for a substantial portion of the Trump voting base, the ability to say 'the n-word' in public, without consequences, would be a powerful motivating factor.

"Time and time again we see that negative racial attitudes correlate to the behavior of casting a ballot for Mr. Trump," said Dr. Alfred Morrow of the University of Chicago. "The studies are pretty clear on this--if Trump can make the n-word a successful 2018 campaign issue it could motivate his base across state boundaries and income and education brackets."

Asked about the use of his face on the proposed 2018 campaign mailer, Dr. Ben Carlson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development steepled his fingers and explained: "It is of vital importance that government housing for the poor not be too comfortable. We are looking at installing semi-sharp spikes in sleeping areas and putting time-locks on bathrooms so they only operate outside of normal working hours. Again--we feel these improvements will help these individuals find their will-to-work and, perhaps even eventually, their dignity."