School Admin: 'Some Racism Is OK!'

Juanita Mendoza, the headmistress of a North Miami Charter School explained to RealTrueNews how some racism was acceptable--even beneficial. Although she said that she, herself, is not a racist, the 2016 election made it more acceptable to express racism in America and she feels that is, perhaps surprisingly, a good thing.

RealTrueNews: Hello Ms. Mendoza.

Juanita Mendoza: Hello.

RTN: Can you explain what you were talking about--this "defensive racism" concept you have?

JM: Certainly. All Latinos or Latinas understand this. While most real Americans don't distinguish between different nationalities, we know that there are--not to put too fine a point on it--good Latinos and bad Latinos. Now, this isn't necessarily about race--but let's be frank: it mostly is.

The Nicas [ Nicaraguans ] are, for example, usually really, um, dirty prostitutes. The jaina [ Mexican Girl ] will rob you blind if you blink. We understand this--but for most white Americans they see all Latinos in the same light. That is why we need Mr. Trump to help us sort this out.

RTN: I don't understand.

JM: Well, see, as someone from Cuba, I am closer to the original Spanish descendants than most of the other Latinos. You know, cleaner. And we think it's important to have Mr. Trump out there calling out the Mexis and the others--the Hondurans, or the Salvadorans--the M-13s--so that white America can see we're the good ones.

Don't even get me started on the blacks.

RTN: Wait. Wait--you are saying that you think racism is good because it makes people racist against the "right people" and . . . not against you? Is that what you are saying?

JM: When I am on social media or out with friends, I can say I voted for Mr. Trump and immediately I'm that much closer to white! It's magical! When I hire, I make sure to have the school's staff be brown--but not too brown. We don't want to give the idea that we're that kind of school.

RTN: And somehow . . . somehow you think this isn't racist??

JM: Oh, well, I don't know. Maybe it's the right kind of racist? The kind that works for me? Yeah. I would say that.

RTN: I think we're done here.