Trump Supporter Seeks 'Zapruder-Like' Figure To Confirm Trump's Very-Fine People

Ian Derpo of New Jersey has become obsessed with finding a man he calls "The Very-Fine Gentleman"--a person who may not exist. The hunt for the VFG started after a conversation with a co-worker convinced Ian that, in fact, Trump had praised "someone" who was at the Tiki March led by white nationalist Richard Spencer the night before the violent Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville VA where one counter protester was killed.

"I had assumed the lying media just made up Mr. Trump's quotes--misquoted him--or took him out of context," said Ian, "but when we looked at the video it's right there--he says the night-before the rally."

The night before the rally Richard Spencer led a group of "alt right" white nationalists on a march bearing lit torches to the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee to protest attempts to remove it. Trump, in his defense of both-sides of the conflict referenced attendees not to the larger Unite the Right rally--but to the event the night before.

"The night before was basically the Nazis," Ian said. "I got really uncomfortable."

It was then that Ian decided Mr. Trump must be referring to someone who was not in the group of white supremacists marchers. "I think Mr. Trump knows things we do not," Ian told RealTrueNews. "I think he has, you know, inside information. I think someone was there--not really in the cameras--doing their own protest."

To bolster this interpretation, Ian has scoured the internet, poring over images from the march, looking for the person or persons to whom Mr. Trump might have referred. He has found, he believes, the evidence he was desperately seeking.

"I call him the VFG--or the Very Fine Gentleman--he's there on the steps of one of the buildings. You can see something under his arm--it may be a sign. I believe his posture--although blurry--shows him to be a man of principle. In this image, which I am trying to get enhanced, I have put a halo over his head to indicate that he is clearly a better man than most of us--a man of character and conviction--a white man we can all be proud of--I just need to get it enhanced."

After releasing the picture on the Internet and asking for help identifying this "perfect man," Ian said he was flooded with suggestions. Many of them were mocking--but he feels he is getting closer.

"I have been in contact with one person who claims she was on the steps that night, watching the marchers," Ian said. This person with whom he is corresponding, identified the 'VFG' as possibly being one Juan Warez, a student from Honduras.

"I know that can't be right," Ian said. "This man--this very fine man--would be a white man like me. I believe she is covering up because she is a woman and most educated women have a negative feeling towards President Trump because of the girl's magazines they read. They can't really think for themselves. Still, if she is not lying about being there, I can, perhaps, identify the others--and maybe . . . triangulate?"

He has also reached out to President Trump begging him to identify the "good people."

"Right now it really does look like he's praising the nazis," he said. "If that were true then I would have to conclude that some of those Nazis were really okay. It's hard enough to track down this one VFG--I think finding a good Nazi could be even harder. Still, if that's what it takes--I will do it. I've got MY president's back."