Interview Q

It was hot in DC--for a trench coat. That was what I thought when he walked in. Writing this now I'm afraid to say anything that could give away Q's identity--I don't want you to even trust my use of the pronoun "he"--although I think we all know that Q isn't a girl. I can give you that much, I suppose.

I felt like my whole life had been leading up to this--the big breakthrough. So close to the hidden truth I could reach over and touch its hand.

RealTrueNews: "Thanks for meeting me."

QAnon: "It's a little hot for that trench coat, Max, don't you think. This isn't a movie."

RTN: "I always wear this."

Q: "Okay."

RTN: "If I didn't wear it, people who know things might think I was trying to be undercover. Might draw attention to me--my movements."

Q: "Are you being followed?"

RTN: "Only by angels."

Q: "We have exactly 8 minutes. Then I move."

RTN: "I understand. First things--the sealed indictments. The slate of arrests--Hillary, Obama, Huma--all those guys. It's still going down."

Q: "It's a little on hold right now. They know they're on the burner. Waiting on the heat."

RTN: "Okay--what's--what's it on hold for?"

Q: "The big reveal. Trump is going to break everything open like an eggshell, Max. I wouldn't be here if we didn't have history."

RTN: "We have history?"

Q: "Never mind. So it's going to happen. He's setting the stage. The Trade Wars. The North Korean feint. The whole delegation to Russia--what were they really bringing with them? What was in the black lacquered box with sacred geometry symbols all over it? Do you know?"

RTN: "I . . . don't know. What was it?"

Q: "A map. A map of the world. The way that the Paleo-Relativists--what you call cultural marxists--have always been exercising control is through semiotic capture. The Map Isn't the Territory--but for us, the Territory IS the Map. Break the Map, you Break their control. You break their back. All the satanism--the child eating--all of that--it's all Jungian resonance ritual. Peterson understands which is why the MSM has gone after him."

RTN: "I . . . don't understand."

Q: "Then you should watch more Peterson videos. What's the biggest lie humanity was ever told? It started back with the Greek Mysteries--it was the original shutter over our eyes. What was it?"

RTN: "I . . . I don't know--Q--what--?"

Q: "The Globalists. It was the Globalist's lie."

RTN: "The Jews!?"

Q: "No--the Rounders--the Rounders have told us that we are NOT centered. That mankind is NOT important--that we are monkeys--apes--on a fragile spinning ball around a monstrous, nuclear sun. This is the lie that they have been telling since their inception in the Great Temple of Dionysus. This is the Semiotic Capture that has controlled us. This is the false Paradigm God they have carved with Engrams into our Consciousness. The Rounders, Max."

RTN: "I don't understand."

Q: "HBO knows--they're trying to get people ready with the ice wall with their CGI maps--we can see how it works on Game of Thrones. Genius move. But it's going to come out--the Necrotic Silence of Captains and Pilots will be sundered. The rogue generals will be corralled. Obama, Hillary, and The Eaters will face Justice while our eyes are opened.

The world Max--The World is Flat. The world is a Disk. That is what is in the box the Senators took to Russia. That is what the North Korean feint is preparing us for--for seeing the Great Ice Wall around us--for seeing the Cosmos Itself unveiled.

This is the Great Awakening, Max. Soon the Final Truth will be revealed."

RTN: ". . . . wow."