Professor: Telling If Someone is Racist is VERY Difficult

RealTrueNews caught up with Professor Johan Munice, professor of sociology at Rockwell University, to discuss the current state of American politics--specifically around the charges from the left of racism.

RealTrueNews: Hello Professor--could you explain why you are speaking out?

Professor Johan Munice: As a center-right independent, I feel it is my duty to speak out when the very serious allegations of racism become so common that we are unable to have a serious political conversation. The left-wing activists' propensity to characterize any policy or politician they don't like as racist is a huge dividing factor in this country and our political atmosphere.

RTN: Can you give us an example?

PJM: Many. For example, allegations about the California Senate candidate Patrick Little were that he was a white supremacist. This is a person who, at one point led in the polling. It is extremely irresponsible to smear a candidate with those allegations when there is little proof they are true.

RTN: Is this the guy who describes himself as a "white nationalist" and says he wants a United States "free from jews"?

PJM: Reportedly.

RTN: So would that make him a racist?

PJM: He didn't claim to be a racist. That's an inference. Anyway, he lost badly getting a little over 1% of the vote.

RTN: That was something like 53 thousand votes. Is it fair to say that if he was racist some 53 thousand Californians voted for a white supremacist?

PJM: He never claimed to be a white supremacist. He said he was a white nationalist--and anyway, most of those votes are probably Democrats. California has an open primary so many Democrats will vote for a racist--after all, the KKK was all Democrats, weren't they?

RTN: Uhm--wait a minute . . . okay, how about this Grossman guy in New Jersey who won the nomination. He has said in response to a story about Muslims throwing Christians overboard in the mediterranean that "this is where multi-culturalism" and "diversity" has taken us." He has said that progressive policies are intentionally killing off white Christians and Jews.

He has said that teachings about how racist America was in the 1960's are false and that racism was eliminated in the 1920's. Does this sound . . . racist? I mean, these are the exact talking points of the white supremacist #whitegenocide movement.

PJM: What makes you think #whitegenocide is racist? I mean, isn't killing off white people--either with policies, violence, or 5th column infiltration and infestation by radical Islam both racist itself and also factual?

RTN: So you agree with him?

PJM: It can't be racist if it's true. But even if it wasn't true--

RTN: You think America didn't have racial equality problems in the 1960's?

PJM: I don't think GOP voters care about the 1960's. It's a forward looking party. And right now we're looking forward to an America where diversity-policies are being pushed back against to save the white race.

RTN: I--wait a minute. What?

PJM: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

RTN: Did you--did you just recite the 14-words?

PJM: I don't understand.

RTN: What you just said--that's a racist slogan from noted white supremacists David Lane. That's like word-for-word.

PJM: See, there you go--the liberal media always making up charges and smears of racism. Anyone could say any 14 words and if you disagree with them, those become a "racist slogan." I think you can see how people could get tired of that. These are very serious allegations, sir.

RTN: So you're saying you just randomly quoted one of the most famous white supremacist sayings in an interview about why the media is falsely accusing people of being racist?

PJM: Exactly. You can't prove I was racist can you? Not to my satisfaction. We're done here.

RTN: Yeah. We sure are.