Area Woman Furious Twitter Rival Keeps Winning Arguments

Dolores Swanson of West Virginia spends a lot of time talking politics on social media.

"I've made plenty of friends--and quite a few enemies," she told RealTrueNews. One of those enemies, a liberal political blogger with the twitter handle SmugyMcSmugFace, got badly under her skin when he continued to trade rhetorical blows with her, often leaving her scrambling for little more than insults.

"He's not as smart as he thinks he is!" Dolores said. "But he is pretty smart--and he knows how argue in an infuriating manner. I pride myself on being tough--but he just wears me out. I can't change the subject. I can't move the goalposts. He got to me. I'll admit it: he got to me."

Dolores said she declared him The Enemy--but refused to block him not wanting "to give him the win." So she stalked him--following his tweets, liking posts when someone challenged him, and periodically throwing in a tweet herself or even a direct message. The problem was?

He kept winning.

"I would watch him go at it with people I liked or on topics I disagreed with him on--and he'd just tear them up. It's really painful. I watch people fall into the same traps I fell into--I'd call him a liar about something he was probably telling the truth about and instead of jumping through hoops to prove it--or just coming clean--he'd bet me money he wasn't lying. Of course I'd back down. Anyone who does that is probably telling the truth. But I saw other people make the same mistake and also have to back down . . . it was humiliating."

Even worse, her rival was seemingly more than happy to keep pounding on weaknesses in opponent's arguments until they broke. "I used to be all the-polling-is-fake--but he'd still use it--so I'd throw some at him! But then he ran into this guy who demanded that McSmugFace 'show him the polling methods'--and he did. That fucker had links to like 10 studies saying Trump was racist!"

"When my guy was confronted with the polls he had to go 'well, I don't think you can measure racism with a poll.'" It seems fair--but McSmugFace just wouldn't let it slide. He'd say "how come first you asked for the methodologies" and what could this poor guy say?? I mean--it was logical--but it was also--Ohh--I pulled my hair out."

Most recently, Dolores suffered a blood-pressure spike when an argument with McSmugFace seemed to have terminated in a Trump-Supporter claiming he would admit to being wrong if McSmugFace showed him numbers from a source he trusted--and McSmugFace used the conservative The Weekly Standard.

"How is that fair?" she asked, slamming her hand on the desk. "How can you expect us to defend Mr. Trump if you're not going to let us bend the facts some? I hate this guy. I should stop following him--but I can't. I just . . . can't." Then she burst into tears.