In This Virginia Beach Diner, Trump Support Is Still Strong

We have well regarded journalist Salena Zito as a guest writer. Her book, The Great Revolt, offers insight into the salt of the earth heartland voters who support Donald Trump.

Virginia Beach (VA): In the Deutfcher Diner the breakfast-bunch meets weekly to talk about their lives, their kids, their husbands, and, more and more often, Donald Trump. Although all of them were reluctant Trump voters in the 2016 election, they say that the intervening time has only made them more certain their choice was a good one.

A huge factor in this is what they see as a concerted effort by the media, the Democratic Party, and 'international globalist financial interests' to smear Mr. Trump at every opportunity.

"I get calls from the New York Times once a week," said Morning Barber, the club host. "They keep askin' me 'have you changed your mind? Did you see what he was doing with the border children!" She laughs, tossing her short aryan hair. "I tell them yes, yes, I know--and no, no it hasn't changed my mind. After all, we voted for him hoping he would follow the law. And he has! We couldn't be happier."

Showing me her phone, she has set the ring-tone to the Pro Publica recording of crying children in one of the holding centers.

"I think he's dandy," said Elenore Swindelton, 56. "I mean, he's setting people straight all over the world. We're closer now to those ice-nations than the sun ones--and that's just how it should be." Asked if anything could change their minds, they glanced around the table.

"We think the media lies really hurt him," said Morning. "After all, if people really just listen to him he's talking about Making America Great Again. What real native born racially strong northern European wouldn't understand that we've got to defend ourselves, our culture, and secure a future for our white children?"

She then needed to break because another major media outlet was calling to interview persuadable Trump voters.


RealTrueNews encourages you to check out The Great Revolt, Salena Zito's deep dive into the heart of Real America.