Woman Hopes to Become 'Angel Mom' to Help Trump, Get Signed Picture

Doris Swan of Duluth Minnesota broke into tears while talking about her passion for President Donald Trump's policies and the unjust media she felt was working against him. "I can't stand to watch them tear down a good man," she said, nearly overcome with emotion. "He just wants to do good things for us and all they can do is call him a racist, a liar, and a . . . I don't even know--it's so hateful. I can't bare to watch it."

Swan was referring to, most recently, the outcry over Trump's policy of separation of families crossing illegally at the southern border.

"We've just got to stop them," Swan sniffed. "They bring their drugs. Their diseases. They bring their filthy little children--and they all come for the welfare--they come for the food stamps so they can get caviar and steak. I don't even get caviar and steak. I'd go on food stamps but they tell me my husband is 'too well employed.' Well, let me tell you, we run a small home remodeling shop and we buy a lot of goods from Canada. The demo-rat's border taxes are really hurting us."

What upset her the most, however, were complaints over Trump's "Angel Parents" ceremony which featured parents of migrant violence.

"I looked at them with their pictures of their children signed by the president and I was--oh--my breath was taken. I said to myself: those are the luckiest parents in the world! Up there, with Mr. Trump, getting a signed picture--and making America great again? Oh--Oh, I was so proud of them!"

Swan lamented that living in White Fish, there was little chance of her becoming an Angel Mom. "My daughters go to school nearby. There aren't too many thugs here," she said. "Still, I sometimes think about it. What if one of them were to be killed by an immigrant? Do you think Mr. Trump would have a second ceremony? I think he would. I think he would--and my daughters are very pretty. They would--they would look nice with the picture and all. Mr. Trump would be proud to sign one of those."

After a moment, she said "I have two. I don't think it's too much to ask for just one of them to be taken. If that's what it takes to Make America Great Again, it's a price I'd gladly pay."