Artist John McNaughton Original Arrives to Buyer Damaged With Strange Stain

Linda Defrees of Charlottesville North Carolina was upset and confused when her purchase of a John McNaughton original painting arrived with an odd stain on the bottom. Attempts to contact McNaughton, who makes paintings of religious and political figures that are filled with symbolism and hidden meanings, had charged her over 12,000.00 for the piece.

"I was going to hanging it in my living room--I'm a big supporter of Mr. Trump and I think that Mueller's attempt to bring him down is criminal. I'm looking forward to the showdown which, I felt Mr. McNaughton captured perfectly."

"Trump is a big, virile, manly guy--like they used to make them," she said. "He's so strong--so straight-forward--so honest--even his hair--I mean--look at him . . . like a rock."

Indicating the paining removed from its packaging but not hung, she pointed out the large pale stain at the bottom.

"I couldn't tell what it was. It has a kind of musty smell. I mean--how could he send out something damaged like that?" When asked if she had sought legal recompense, she admitted she had not. "I worked for a piping fitting and milling company and they've had layoffs after those damn Chinapersons started attacking our nation with tariffs. I purchased this right after the election when I was sure I would be getting big promotions and raises. I think Mr. Trump will smack them back into shape--but until then I'm not hiring no lawyers."

Asked about the origin of the stain, she said she didn't know.

"My son, Howard, who is a big time liberal saw it--and he kind of got flustered," she admitted. When he tested the substance with an ultraviolet light, all he would tell her was "We could DNA test McNaughton off this," before fleeing her house for the weekend.

Still, Mrs. Defrees admitted she had seen this sort of thing before.

"Every cartoon original I've ordered from that nice Mr. Ben Garrison has had similar problems on the ones with President Trump. Maybe it's something these artist just do to, you know, mark their original masterpieces?"

The mystery continues.