Lamb to the Slaughter: Trump's Plan Works!

Dr. Michael Holt is a professor of political science at the University of Chicago and an educated Trump supporter.


Last night, for those in the know, Trump yet again proved he's a master of the deep game. What looks to the uneducated, the liberals, and the media like chaos is actually a carefully laid out set of opening moves on an 8-year plan that will become the next great age in American history--the Age of TRiUmPh. What we are seeing now is the head-fake before the finishing move. This is the set-up before the fall.

Last night Conor Lamb, a Democrat running as a Republican in Trump Country made headlines and tunneled like a parasitic worm into the hearts of liberals, journalists, and pink-hat wearing women across the country. Here, they thought, was proof #TheResistance was working! Here was the final repudiation of the hated Alpha Male Donald Trump!

The New York Times (failing) ran giddy stories about "unrest in Trump country" and the chattering mathematicians who think they understand America claimed that Lamb's near-win (it's too close to call right now) is a sign of ASSURED VICTORY. These are the same geniuses who called 2016 for her majesty Hillary Rodham Clinton (crooked).

In the meantime, Trump slipped right by them, yet again, positioning Team MAGA for the biggest upset America has seen yet in the 2018 midterms. What's he doing? Well, since as the con-men like to say, you can't wise up a sucker, I'm okay laying it out here since the Dems and the Journos will never listen or understand anyway. For guys like Scott Adams, Bill Mitchell, and myself--guys who really understand how the game is played, this is what's happening:

  1. De-RINO the party. If you're not on the Trump Train, it's time to get out of the tent. By playing into Democrat hands in these off-cycle special elections, Trump is frightening the Establishment Wimps out of the party.

  2. Lure Them In. The Liberal news is falling all over itself right now to proclaim Democrats the winners in 2018. This is the same move that Trump pulled in 2016--but, hey, if it keeps working, why not keep doing it? Once again, Trump supporters are lying en-mass to pollsters telling them they'll vote for Lamb--or they support keeping the Affordable Care Act or whatever nonsense outlets like PPP will believe--and so those numbers get inflated even worse when the polling companies skew the sample audiences. Because people in the media and in polling can't get their heads aroud this, they can't defeat it. They defeat themselves.

  3. GO FULL MAGA. Now the table is set--in a few months it'll be TIME TO DINE. You will see an eruption of MAGA candidates to bolster president Trump's new MAGA-CABINET. Voters, understanding that now the underbrush has been cleared out, will re-emerge after this off-cycle dormancy and the complacent Dems will, yet again do what minorities do in every midterm election: stay home. This will bring a CRUSHING DEFEAT to the Democrats and even worse, psychic trauma to the progressives who, despite all the self-evident reality, believed things were different.

So when you see Trump out there for a candidate and it looks like that candidate could lose? Understand that he's speaking a language you don't understand--he's speaking to his base and telling them not to vote for the guy--and to lie to pollsters--and to Make America GREAT Again. He's telling them loud and clear what to do--but since it's a "dog whistle" liberals and the media can't hear it!