NRA Loses Major Corporate Partners In Wake of Shooting

The NRA, hit hard by the recent culture-wars around the Parkland school shooting found a loss of corporate sponsorship as companies such as Delta, Semantec, the AARP, and Golden Corall exited from their contracts.

The shooter organization, which emphasises firearms safety, the right to open carry, and promotes concealed carry if the citizen is white or white-hispanic, expressed dismay at the "politicialization" of the attack in which 17 students and faculty died.

"They could have done the same thing with a bomb--or--or a car--or a truck. Especially a truck. Look, you go to any prison in the country and you find people kill each other with toothbrushes. So don't tell me that a gun, just because it has a pistol grip or a 30-round magazine with sufficient power to fire through interior walls and inflict deadly wounds, is part of the problem here. The problem is people--young people."

"It's also gun buyers," Spokeswoman Dana Losech continued. "With Obummer--I mean Obama--out of power, people are less easy to scare into buying guns. The cultural signalling isn't there. You don't stick it to Trump by buying a gun after kids get killed the same way you used to with Obama. The industry is suffering."

Losech said she hoped corporate sponsors would return when the dialog shifted back to its "subtext about black people with guns" and the playing up of the "antifa threat" which she felt marketing departments could get behind since it was non-specific enough to be compelling without being toxic.

"Until then, though, we'll have to ride this out with the Mainstream Media nipping at our heels. I don't want to suggest anything--but if someone went and shot up CNN or the New York times, I think it would really give us a boost here."