The Democratic glee with the Nunes memo "landing with a thud" was palpable yesterday with headlines like The National Review Online's "The Big Flaw in the Memo" and Politico's "Even If You Take the Nunes Memo Seriously, It Makes No Sense"--Even Red State found "significant flaws" and most observers noted it 'confirmed' an NYT scoop about the FBI investigation starting earlier than the Steele hit-job with that drunk, greek guy [ Ed.-- Papadopoulos ].

This fakenews story was shot down already by the hawk-eyed rightwing media to much sneering at the failing NYT.

However, we have learned that a mole inside the White House used a diabolical trick to fool the credulous media into accepting a false memo. The White House's undrestaffed damage-control team was taken by surprise and was unsure, for several hours, what had happened. Now, the narrative having been cemented they are trying to find a way to release the real--super-damning memo.

Let's look at the timeline:

  • This was done through a credible channel that the White House has long used to coordinate with honest media so it was accepted as real. When the outlets ran with their scoops (even though they were a bit confused by the lack of damning content), questions to Devin Nunes were so severe that he, caught unawares, was forced to say he hadn't seen the underlying intelligence.

This wasn't becuase he didn't--but because he wasn't clear on what the fake memo said and was caught by total surprise.

  • The leaker was caught--and removed--but because of his sensitive position (both in the White House and as part of the Deep State) the Trump administration has not yet decided to release the entire set of details.

So don't throw your MAGA-hats on the ground yet, true-believers--there's more to come in this sorry tale of Deep State skullduggery and Obamaphile betrayal! Stay true! Hold fast! DON'T BELIEVE THE LIES!!