While you were tweeting #ReleaseTheMemo or reading about accusations of Trump firing Mueller invented by the New York Times staff after a night of speedballs and hookers, we were using our DEEP SOURCES in the White House to get our hands on the infamous memo compiled by Devin Nunes.

It's shocking.

It details a conspiracy by an internal secret society of FBI agents called "Black Bags Matter." The Obama administration using data cooked up by GPS Fusion who hired ex-spook Christopher Steele to write a short story and then successfully passed it off as raw intel to a FISA court got an illegal warrant.

To promote the Russia-did-it narrative, sensing an impending loss, the Hillary campaign executed Seth Rich and even had Anthony Wiener framed by his estranged wife Huma Abedin--in order to fake a "re-opening" of the investigation to try to make Comey look impartial.

This conspiracy does, indeed, run deep and the release of the memo could change everything we know about the 2016 election!

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