White House SPOX: Trump May Have Been Confused About DACA Acronym

In the wake of reports saying president Trump labeled multiple predominaintly black countries "shithole" countries, a spokesman for the White House asserted, without further explanation, that Mr. Trump may have been confused by the acronym for the Defered Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA.

"It sounds very similar to something else," said the spokseman, requesting anonymity so as to discuss the delicate topic. "Mr. Trump was frankly surprised at the reaction--he thought he was only being mildly politically incorrect when using the s-word."

According to the source, when audible gasps were heard, Mr. Trump was flummoxed saying that everyone else was using "the term."

When pressed on what term that might be, our contact was unable to go into detail saying "just ask your kids."

Other sources inside the White House confirmed that the feeling was that the use of the term "shithole" would play well to the base which is "tired of hearing criminally inclined minorities" referred to as "poor" or "under-privileged" and would feel the same way about criminally inclined races from the so-described countries.

Said a senior White House adviser whose name rhymes with Beefan Tiller, "You can take the nigger out of the shithole but you can't take the shithole out of the nigger." This statement appears to be the Freedom Caucus' stance on immigration reform--one to which Speaker Paul Ryan expresses 'misgivings' about--but will push for in negotiations with the Senate.