SCOOP: The Fire and the Furry - Stephen Miller's Secret Life (?)

Trump's foreign policy adviser Stephen Miller is long known to hold common cause with the alt-right philosophy. Like many neo-Nazis with Jewish heritage (see 'Weeve') Miller has managed to promote a Nazi-esque foreign policy from behind a gigantic forehead and a thin layer of plausible deniability.

Now, responding to a scoop, we present a ground-breaking look at what might be an upcoming new book "The Fire and the Furry - The Secret Life of Stephen Miller as a Fur-Nazi." What does this mean? We had no idea, until we looked closer.


We were sent this--a screen-capped ""excerpt" from the new book by someone named Mike Wolffefeveffefffe. Read it for yourself:

From there we could pretty easily connect the dots.


A Google Image search on Stephen Miller shows Miller exiting what appears to be an elevator with an odd lapel pin. Trying to determine what it was, we sent it to our Photoshop artist for enhancement. What he came back with was, in his words, "Totally not a bad paste-over-job of the Nazi-Fur Icon but, in fact, an absolutely real-true image of the Nazi-Fur Icon on Steve's Jacket."

Our Photoshop expert works for Fusion GPS so we know he's legit.

With that breakthrough we were able speculate! Which Nazi-Fur is Stephen Miller's "spirit animal"? Is he a Nazi Rabbit from Zootopia? A Dominazix wolf from the goop-encrusted anime-pillows of the alt-right? Does he wear a fur-suit in the oval office?

We aren't sure--but we're asking some of our contacts with CNN to find out!

This blockbuster book: The Fire and the Furry is already making waves on the Internet and may even have been released by Wikileaks!


Editor's Note: We have since learned that the book in question is "The Fire and the Fury"--one 'r' and is slightly less speculative than we have presented it as here. Still, Miller is probably a Nazi Fur--with that ginormous forehead, he could be their dark and resentful god and how could he pass that up. We're looking into it.