Professor Explains: How We Got Trump

Professor Michael Holt of the Michigan University Sociology and Politics department explained at length how the Trump phenomena happened. We caught up with him at his lecture hall.

RealTrueNews: Can you give us the short form--explain what you have on the screens there?

Dr. Michael Holt Ph.D.: Certainly, although as a journalist I doubt you'll be capable of reporting what I say accurately, truthfully, or without editorializing because of your bias.

RTN: Probably right, Dr.

DMH: What you see in the middle is, to be blunt, 'Why we got Trump.' Trump was caused by the liberal cultural overreach that so inflamed the majority of Americans that they were willing to take an untested iconoclast over a mainstream leftwing politician--that would be Hillary Clinton.

RTN: Can you point out for our readers what you've got up there on the screen?

DMH: You don't have 'readers.' You have click-farming psychophants who want your brand of fake-news. That's what the anti-Trump media is today. That's what it has been for long before Trump. Still, I'll explain. Gay Marriage? Forced down our throats by the courts.

Obama? A smug, aloof, narcissistic black man marketed as a way to signal post-racial progress by the media moguls who created him. Transgender bathrooms? An invasion of our most intimate spaces by potential predators.

The Affordable Care Act? A land-grab of healthcare sold with media-assisted lies. It takes health care from the middle class to give to poor black people. If they'd been honest, it would never have passed.

Kneeling football players? An attack on the 'real-American' NFL, a spit-in-the-eye of the US Military. They claim it's about Black Lives Mattering--but do these while-people-made millionaires ever do anything for the black communities they were lifted out of? Do they ever think about how they might owe their multi-million dollar generic heritage to the very system of slavery's eugenics that they protest? No. There is no thankfulness there. Just anti-police, anti-law-and-order, anti-white politicized rhetoric in the most American of sports directed at the American flag.

RTN: I see you have Nancy Pelosi too.

DMH: Right. See, all polling shows that Pelosi is grossly unpopular with the country at large--but do the Democrats replace her? No. She's good at fund raising. So they keep her. That's a thumb-in-the-Eye to the American people and the Liberal Democrats don't even care. That's. How. You. Get. Trump.

RTN: Is that a rap-guy too?

DMH: Rap music is anti-white, anti-police, anti-women. Do the Dems decry it? Of course not. They want to harvest black votes from the welfare plantations. That's. How. You. Get. Trump.

RTN: What about that other screen--to the right?

DMH: That's the proof of liberal media bias. That's the other half of the equation. See, if the media were close to fair they would have reported these stories--these uncomfortable stories--instead of covering them up. Americans know this--now the truth is getting out thanks to conservative media--and the truth, well, it isn't pretty.

RTN: Can you give us some details?

DMH: Sure--although you realize some of this is harder to prove thanks to the omnipresent cloud of disinformation the media provides.

RTN: We understand.

DMH: I'm, sure you do. Trump-voters understand the coverups around Clinton--going way back. Not just the server--but Seth Rich, who was assassinated after he gave information to Wikileaks. The Obama near-takeover of Texas with the so-called Jade Helm project. That was only stopped after Republican Governor Abott mobilized the national guard.

There were multiple Benhgazi cover-ups and deflections. There is irrefutable proof of massive--truly massive--voter fraud that the Democrat party doggedly tries to suppress. There is a history of lies about the inherent racism of the civil war and the Confederate flag.

There is an ongoing multi-national program of white genocide that the Democrats are orchestrating.under the cover of "diversity" and the weaponization of the term "racism." People know this--even if they don't fully understand it. It has an impact.

RTN: And that impact . . . is Trump?

DMH: Well, it's the alt-right or, if you will, Nazis.

RTN: Nazis?

DMH: When you get unreasonably called a Nazi, you turn into a Nazi. It's a very well understood psychological effect. When the liberals and the media call people who peacefully and legitimately disagree with their agenda Nazis they really have no choice but to become them. So we see a surge in recruitment and activity in the far-right associated with Nazi iconography.

RTN: Wait-wait-wait--you're saying that Trump supporters are Nazis? Created by the liberal media?

DMH: Not all of them--not yet--but we do see a huge spike in, for example, Sig Heil salutes in the era of Trump. We didn't see that under, say, President Bush. I think the connection is clear. There are more Nazis in America today than there were 8 years ago.

RTN: And that's because of Trump?

DMH: No-no-NO! That's because of the liberal agenda. It creates Nazis. Trump will actually prevent Nazis if he's allowed to be Trump.

RTN: But didn't those hate groups vote for Trump? Because they thought he would help them?

DMH: That's such typical Liberal two-dimensional thinking. Of course they did. Trump creates an extreme reaction in the liberal mind-space that they over-correct and create more Nazis. So by voting in Trump--who is totally anti-Nazi--you energize the Liberal Nazi-Making-Machine which in turn creates additional Nazis.

RTN: And then those Nazis vote for Trump?

DMH: Well, yes.

RTN: And eat Papa John's pizza?

DMH: Probably. Yes.

RTN: And this is all because the scandals of Jade Helm and Vince Foster were suppressed by the liberal Democratic Media, yes?

DMH: Yes--although I don't expect you to print this.

RTN: Oh, I'm pretty sure we'll print it.

DMH: Just make sure to put the Ph. D. after my name.