Our sources indicate that, on the heels of a devastating tell-all book wherein Bannon says terrible things about Donald Trump and his family, the entire Trump clan and Bannon-Enterprises have escalated into a no-holds barred war to the finish.

Persons inside Breitbart, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Bannon has commissioned labs to create a "poisoned Fillet 'O Fish" sandwich that could be introduced into a McDonald's production line, thus finding and poisoning the president (the book reveals that, fearing poisons, Trump likes McDonalds where he can safely eat two Fillet O' Fish sandwiches).

This potentially deadly innovation was matched by the President's son-in-law who had his research and development teams create a round called "The Kush." At 10mm, The Kush was designed to penetrate 'several layers' of shirts and still deliver a killing blow to a '300lb humanoid.'

The people whith whom we spoke suggest that things are rapidly moving out of control in the battle between Bannon and Trump-world--but upon the parties being informed that (a) regular bullets would likely penetrate enough regular shirts that even Steve Bannon's 3-4 shirts would not provide realistic protection and (b) the Fillet 'O Fish sandwich qualifies as reasonably toxic to begin with, they vowed to double down on their battle and create even more pointed weapons until the entire American political landscape is little more than scorched earth . . . and crying Pepe gifs.

At this point, all we can do . . . is wait.