Alabama Voter Wonders If Little Piece Of Her Soul Was Worth It

Kathy Brice of Blount County AL woke up Wednesday morning, worried that, in the wake of Roy Moore's defeat, the "little piece of her soul" she spent justifying her vote for Moore was worth it.

"It was kind of a hard choice," said Brice, who identifies herself as a sexual assault survivor. "I wanted to believe those women--but in the end, my husband is a big Roy Moore supporter and so I just couldn't."

She said she had similar problems with convincing herself to vote for president Trump. "My husband feels that Trump is a man who does what he says, unlike 'all those other Washington critters,'" Brice explained. "I could see for a while that he'd say, well, it seemed like just about anything to get elected--but I told myself that after eight years of Barack Obama I had to vote for the Republican. I mean, Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi and about her emails, didn't she?"

"She did, didn't she?" Brice asked again.

Brice said that her vote for Moore was really a vote about the issue of abortion. "My daughter, who is active in politics in California, explained to me that Senators don't really make that much of a difference when it comes to abortion politics today--that it's more of a judicial issue," she said. "And my daughter is usually pretty smart about these things--but I convinced myself that if there somehow was a bill to over-turn Roe vs. Wade and it somehow came down to one vote, I knew how Roy Moore would vote. So I made that my big issue."

She paused. "I'm wondering now if it was worth it," she said. "I know that those Hollywood people were perverts--how could that many women all be lying? But when it came to Moore, well, I just knew they were."

She looked pained. "What was I supposed to do? Vote for the Democrat?"

She shook her head.

"I hope it was worth it," she said, referring to what she called the "little piece of her soul she felt like she gave up for her party."

"I surely do."