Area 2A Supporter Preps For Vegas Shooting Reveals

Although little is known about the mass-shooter in Las Vegas, Richard Porter (MI) was up early preparing to fight the battles on Social Media. In contact with his many followers, he had already laid out a strategy for dealing with what he hoped was a white, liberal shooter.

"It would be great if this guy was an immigrant or at least an Arab or Muslim," Porter said. "But from what I'm hearing that doesn't look likely. I was personally pulling for a black guy--ideally a Black Lives Matter person--so we could spend all the time talking about how they're the real terrorist."

Unfortunately, as details emerged, Porter became upset. "I had planned to go straight to defending gun ownership and, best of all, calling for lifting restrictions on silencers which, at a time like this, would totally infuriate liberals. Unfortunately now, it looks like it's either the best case--a white-male-liberal--or the worst: a white, male gun-nut."

He said he and his fellow travelers would have to fall back to the "It's not the time to politicize this tragedy" position in the worst case. "If it turns out this guy is pro-gun--or just a crazy man--or, worse, some kind of conservative--then we're going to try to take the politics OUT of this whole conversation. Unfortunately, since we'd be sneering at liberals if it turns out this guy was a Hillary supporter--and everyone knows it--that looks kind of weak.'

Indeed, it does.

"The argument that the gun--sounds to me like an automatic weapon--was illegal to begin with--and therefore gun control failed--sounds good for two seconds--but it's worrying me: if people decide that's an argument for making it even harder to get such weapons, well I don't know. That's kind of disturbingly logical."

He also felt that the idea that more people should have been armed was problematic. "The guy was firing with a superior weapon from 30 stories up. The idea that a 'good man with a gun' could have stopped this is insane. We have to hope liberals don't understand that--or, at least, that the NRA doesn't fall into that trap."

He shook his head. "We have to convince people that, like a nuclear North Korea, mass shootings are things we just have to live with. They, like the 2nd Amendment are part of the American culture--the American experience. Until people come to accept that, our identity is going to be endangered. We have to fight that with every weapon at our disposal--including my grandfathered in fully automatic light machine guns if necessary."