Professor: 'How Political Correctness Destroys America'

Professor William J. Gordon Sociology U. Chicago) believes that Political Correctness is an active agent designed to weaken American society and Western Society in general. We caught up with him to get a better understanding of his beliefs.

RealTrueNews: Can you explain what you mean by 'Political Correctness'?

Prof William Gordon: Absolutely. It's the policing of speech which is designed to limit expression towards groups with lower societal capital. That's a fancy way of saying it tells the people closer to the top how they can talk about the people closer to the bottom on the social ladder.

RTN: And that's a bad thing?

PWG: Of course. Western Society--thousands of years of it--was built on the exact opposite principle. It's like taking your car going 80 miles an hour and suddenly throwing it into reverse and wondering why the wheels fell off.

RTN: What does "the wheels coming off" mean, exactly in this context?

PWG: Society--and people don't like to admit this--has long benefited from what the layman calls 'bullying.' Bullying--negative social pressure targeted against socially lower individuals--is an important bedrock of traditional Western Society.

RTN: Most people see bullying as cruel or unsavory. How is it a good thing?

PWG: Well, in the individual case it does often look cruel or abusive--and it may very well be--but in the aggregate, bullying--especially verbal or non-violent bullying--is a net social plus. You see, if we can keep social deviants--and I'm talking percentages here--homosexuals, transgendered people, Dungeons and Dragons players, and so on--if we can keep them out of the social arena--out of the social spot-light, then society is stronger, more cohesive. It appears more unified and improves confidence in it.

On an individual level it can certainly help. Bullies make men out of boys. They help girls become proper women. We took a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and childhood obesity skyrocketed. It used to be that fear of being picked on made liminal kids watch their intake.

Racial divides are always going to be with us--but if we can allow certain kinds of speech--and I am talking about some ugly words here--I don't deny that--we can keep those divides brighter line. Stronger. Think of it like those food dishes that keep the meat and the potatoes in separate little bins. But once you can no longer talk like that--basically talk as reality would dictate, those bins blur together and you get higher racial resentment, higher crime, and a more degenerate culture.

RTN: I just want to be clear here: You're saying that if we can't say the word 'nigger' society goes to hell in a hand-basket?

PWG: Everyone gets hung up on the n-word. Let's look at the example of transgendered people--or, as they should be referred to, 'transgenders.' These are people with a disease--a mental disorder. Now, let's say one of them wants to join the military when they hear that they can get an operation for free that way--what does--

RTN: Wait a minute--join the military for transgender surgery?

PWG: Under Obama that was becoming legal, yes. What does that do to combat-readiness if that's the reason--

RTN: I'm sorry--wait a minute, professor--that might be the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

PWG: Excuse me?

RTN: Did you serve in the military?

PWG: No. Why?

RTN: Well, I did--and let me tell you no one is signing up to do a tour of duty just to get surgery. There are easier ways like getting an MBA so you can afford it yourself. Trust me. A person with gender issues has to be one hell of a patriot to go into the military in the first place. That's not the easy way to get medical coverage by any means--it's just ridiculous--

PWG: I beg to differ. Once it becomes acceptable--

RTN: But even if they were--even if that were the case for some tiny percent of soldiers--who statistics show, are serving honorably today without difficulties--wouldn't that be like someone going into the service for the GI bill--to pay for college? If I asked you if you were okay with kids out of school signing up to do some tours of duty and use the bill to then go and get an education, would you say that was a problem? Even if that was their sole intent?

PWG: The GI Bill--no--I--

RTN: What's the difference?

PWG: Transgenderism is a disease. It's social deviancy. What these people want is to do their service so that they get improved social capital. We, as a culture, respect the military so when they do service it improves their social standing. That's what they're after--that's what the whole Transgender Movement is after. It worked for the gays. It worked for the blacks--

RTN: Hold on--hold on--what happened to signing up for an operation?

PWG: Well, that's on the individual scale. At the political activism level it's about improving their capital. So gays want to get married. They want to serve in the military. They want to adopt children. These are all basic Western Republican Values. When they co-opt those for their deviancy--

RTN: Was the racial integration of the military co-opting values for black people's 'deviancy'?

PWG: . . .

PWG: If you must--if we're going to be honest--yes.

RTN: . . .

PWG: You know--and I know--that back when we were able to use our Constitutionally guaranteed Free Speech we didn't have black people--or other minority groups--forcing their cultures--which, let's be honest, are damaged cultures--down our throats.

White people could comfortably exist with black people so long as black people weren't being given more qualified white people's jobs, places in schools, or even marrying their daughters. The term 'nigger' and all the societal structuring around it kept those breakpoints under control.

You take that away and you have rioting. You have an unqualified Community Organizer in the White House. You've got shows on TV that feel compelled--compelled to have black characters for no other reason than "Political Correctness."

RTN: So you're saying we should go back to calling people "niggers"?

PWG: I'm not a racist--and I don't advocate treating anyone needlessly uncivilly--but yes: we need to be able to call people niggers or sodomites or trannies or whatever else at certain times to keep society strong. Those words are our immune systems. We need to protect them.

RTN: Thanks. I think we're done here.