My Life With The Red Pill

I used to be a liberal. A lefty-liberal--I was #BernieOrBust. I was against the capitalist debt-slave-state. I wanted universal medical care and thought Planned Parenthood was dandy. That was before the election. When Trump won, I admit--and I'm being truthful here--I felt a little vindicated. I mean, Hillary cheated and she didn't get to win--but I was also worried. I was worried that Trump might be some kind of, well, Grab-em-by-the-Pu**y type guy. You know what I mean?

But then my boyfriend--well, he opened my eyes to some thing--some terms--some ways of thinking--that really blew my mind. I started watching YouTube--and, well, you know what they call it? "Taking the Red Pill."

I saw this James O'Keef video that had some dude in the Democrats saying he was organizing violence. Now, I'd heard that Trump offered to pay the legal bills if his guys beat someone down--but that's not the same as hiring people to do violence. Also: I think that quote by Trump might be a lie. It's hard to tell with all the fakenews the mainstream media puts out.

I trust O'Keef. He gets the real story.

His friend took some sting videos of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. I was appalled. It's illegal and immoral and the tapes were not in any way edited. My roommate told me there were numerous investigations by various states and even the FBI that didn't turn up any evidence of law-breaking--but it was clearly right there on the tapes--so I know what to believe.

I started shifting.

When you watch YouTube and then you watch the Mainstream Media you start to see through the facade. You can see through the cracks. Hillary won the "Popular Vote"? I don't think so. The FBI is telling the truth about Seth Rich? Everyone knows Hillary kills her enemies off. He was leaking to Wikileaks--Wikileaks said so--and Wikileaks never lies.

I'd heard that liberals "give a shit" about people and heartless conservatives don't--but my boyfriend explained that the Democrats want to give people government health care to make them dependent on the government. When you have employer health care you're dependent on a corporation--and that's capitalism--not communism! My world view was changing.

I knew a guy over the Internet who "transitioned" to a girl. At first I thought that was alright--he was really depressed all the time before and she seemed a lot happier. Her parents were even okay with it--but my boyfriend pointed out that you don't change reality by changing words. That's just stupid. It's "magical thinking." He said if we start calling '"He's" "She's" we could mess up our whole view. It could make us literally go insane.

He was right, I realized. The Transgenders almost got me.

Anyway, I'm much happier now. I used to worry about empowerment and doing things with my life (gosh, was that ever hard)--now I want to make my man happy. He'd be happy if he got a job, of course, but we're still reeling from Obama's economy so it's totally not his fault.

You should get RedPilled yourself. Watch a ton of YouTube and don't think critically about it--it's easy!