Trump-Supporters: Horrified When The President Shows A Flicker Of Moral Center

Die-hard Trump voters were horrified today when the president seemed to show evidence of a moral center when it comes to DACA recipients. Although conflicting messages were given at times, the word from reporters at the White House is that Trump is inclined to give illegals, brought to the country as children, a path to staying and, possibly, some form of citizenship.

Tony Rotisso of Pale Horse Indiana was horrified.

RealTrueNews: What did you think of the president's statements on DACA recipients?

Tony Rotisso: I was--I was totally disheartened. When I voted for Trump I got called a Nazi. I got called a racist. I got called an idiot. Now what does he do? He goes back on the signature position of the campaign--immigration. I can't believe it. It's a betrayal like I can't even imagine. I pray he's just pulling some kind of stunt.

RTN: Why do you think you were called a racist?

TR: Liberals call everyone they disagree with racists. That's what they do.

RTN: And what do you think about Dreamers? Do you think they're a special category of immigrants?

TR: Special category? What do you mean?

RTN: Well, they were brought in as children--they didn't have a choice about coming here. For some of them America is the only country they've ever known. So that's not like someone who crosses the border looking for work, I think is the idea here.

TR: They're illegal. They got to go. Back where they came from.

RTN: Even if they don't speak any language other than English? Or even didn't know until they matured they weren't legal Americans.

TR: Especially. These "kids"--and we know who they really are--are taking our jobs. They're looting our stores. They're stealing the American Dream--and now Trump is helping them do it?? I can't believe it. I want those fucking Democrat-Larvae OUT. Out of our schools. Out of the military. Out of America. They're infecting us. They're a disease.

RTN: You know that to get DACA you have to have a clean criminal record, be a productive citizen?

TR: FakeNews--we all know that the liberal judges see a young tatted-up latino and they let him go. They all got the white guilt--society has done it. Those "kids"--who are really MS-13 gang members--I saw it on Breitbart--are looters and takers. They're criminal rapist. That's why I voted for Trump.

RTN: Some of them are valedictorians or service members--are they all criminals?

TR: You know how society treats the brown-skins. They get a pass on everything. Rape a white woman? It's because of their Muslim culture. Steal something? Well, that's how they do in 'Mehico'--the media gives them a pass. The liberal judges give them a pass. Even the cops are so scared now they won't do anything. That's why we needed Trump.

RTN: Where do you get this information?

TR: Everyone knows it. You know it. It's all over the Internet. I've got videos. I got called a racist for voting Trump and now he just turns on us. It's disgusting. These people are vermin and he's letting them stay? Revolting.

RTN: I think I might know why you got called a racist, my dude.