SCOOP: The Russian Facebook Ads

The news has broken that a Russian "Troll Farm" known as the Internet Research Agency bought over a hundred thousand dollars worth of targeted Facebook Political Ads during the 2016 campaign to be directed at American viewers. The theory is that these were pro-Trump ads directed with the work done by the Trump Campaign at Cambridge Analytics (their data-mining operation).

If true, this could represent collusion between Trump and the Russian Intelligence Agencies.

But Facebook will NOT allow us--the public--to see the targeted ads to determine what these Russian trolls were saying. So, of course, we got our hands on them. Below are some of the Facebook ads that appeared in the 2016 campaign for specific voters identified as persuadable by the data-team directing them.

What we see is a sophisticated psychological operation that uses the subject's deepest fears and desires to manipulate them politically. Let's look at this example of illicit foreign influence on our democracy!


This ad, featured below, comes on strong on two fronts. The first is the "JQ" or Jewish Question part. In some circles the Jewish people--also called 'globalists'--are behind the various world-spanning conspiracies. In this case, they are called out directly, along with deeply resonant accusations about using the blood of non-Jewish children in rituals.

It then goes for the throat with a claim that Hillary, working for the Jews, will steal your penis. And Also your job. Presumably targeted at employed male voters, this mental image, reinforced with the nearly subliminal backdrop of a giant woman holding and scolding a tiny male, will strike fear into them.

It also follows up with two pictures of detached male organs in baggies. One of Hillary's husband. One of former Olympian Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner. In each case, the viewer will be psychologically traumatized. The idea of Bill Clinton being emasculated by his harridan wife will terrorize the weak male psyche.

For many men, demoralized by being forced to call transgendered people by their preferred names or pronouns, the visual of Caitlyn's former penis "bagged and tagged" will bring up layers of deep resentment.

This is a powerful and sophisticated ad that probably moved votes in its target audience.

Ad 2: YOUR AR-15

This ad works on several mental fronts. It uses an image of Nancy Pelosi--twice, with her finger raised so as to chastise. This image is devastating to Republican males with mother-issues. The idea of being scolded by former speaker Pelosi could cause physical trauma in the form of elevated blood-pressure alone.

It then digs in with a picture of a man--a special operator--with a manly beard, glasses, and white skin. He is ready to shoot a an aspirational gun--probably at a Muslim or Black Lives Matter terrorist. He is a killer. He is the master of his own fate. He is the Captain of His Soul.

Next to that image it says, in steel-gray letters: This Is you WITH Your AR-15.

Below that is the image of a crying boy--a wimp. A pussy. The legend reads "This is you WITHOUT Your AR-15." The words WITHOUT are in a feminine pink. The message is clear--and powerful: without your gun you are a bitch.

The follow up makes the sub-text text: Vote Trump Or Pelosi Will Take Your Gun. For psychologically vulnerable potential Trump-Voters this is panic inducing. They believe that confiscation--such as seen in California where gun owners were forced to hand over high capacity magazines--will come for all guns--the guns they rely on.

This too, probably moved votes. It is a compelling argument for the susceptible gun owner.


We don't know what the background or "verrit" iconography means--but the ad is otherwise devastatingly clear. Targeted at young women--or feminized men--who are angry with their mothers, it encourages them to vote for Jill Stein as a manner of revenge.

This is probably the only logical reason one would vote for Dr. Stein.

With it's "chiller-font" image saying WiFi Causes Cancer--and the text referring to the young person as "Honey," this is designed to push emotional buttons that will trigger a deeply irrational response--voting for Jill Stein in the general election.

Although probably not widely effective, many lefty-voters who felt betrayed by their candidate--the one with the second-most votes--not being elected to lead the party--were likely manipulated by this.