GOP: Take 1Bn From Houston Relief To Build Wall

Stung by recent legislative failures and desperate to fulfill campaign promises, several voices in the GOP, including President Trump's suggested taking at least 1 billion dollars from the Houston disaster relief funds to make a down-payment and start construction on the president's southern wall.

"If we do not erect a barrier to stop illegal immigrants from pouring, like flood-waters from a broken levy, over our southern border, Houston and Texas itself will drown in another kind of deluge," said Senator Ted Cruz who advocated for maximum disaster relief--but also a wall. "Americans know that these invaders will vote Democrat unless we are able to stop them--and stop them we must."

Trump, himself, visited the disaster scene and said he saw, second hand, the destruction that illegal immigrants had wrought.

"I understand there is looting. There is robbery. There is vandalism," Trump said. "We are working around the clock to restore law and order. "Houston is one of the sanctuary cities and as such, we are considering withholding federal funds until it agrees to follow the immigration laws laid out by the federal government."

Other lawmakers saw opportunity in the upcoming disaster relief funding bill.

"Under Obama we had an obligation to object to it," said some members of the GOP. "It was going to make him look presidential at a really bad time for us--and New Jersey is a blue state also. Now, under Trump, we can fund the wall and disaster relief. If Houston gets a little less? Or a lot less? We'll--that's a blue-voting district with a Democrat mayor. Let's just say we're not too concerned about the optics."

In the meantime Mr. Trump praised the size of his crowd at the disaster rally and asked his team to create some photo opportunities with actors portraying flood victims--but without the germs.